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With height: massages and cocktail classes in the new Four Seasons jet

This is the company's new luxury Airbus for trips of 140,000 euros

With height: massages and cocktail classes in the new Four Seasons jet © Four Seasons

In the tourism sector, the luxury market Today is one of the biggest challenges for global brands, which are forced to study, analyze and create products increasingly unique for a type of traveler profile that wants everything and has everything. Or almost. And although the traditional model of luxury traveler today I turned from opulence to experience, The concept can still be interpreted in many ways.

In the case of Four seasons we must recognize that the level was already quite high and, positioned at the top of the luxury segment, were the pioneers in giving a twist to what we call exclusiveness: the company launched the first in 2015 fully customized private jet with the brand of the hotel that served (and serves), to transport its privileged guests to the properties that Four Seasons had throughout the world (in addition to more personalized needs, such as tours, etc.).

This is the company's new luxury Airbus © Four Seasons

But we are in 2019 and in 4 years many things have happened. And evolved towards others. Thanks to Tourist Barometer just published by the Spanish consultant Braintrust, we know that “the luxury market is one of the most coveted by companies, both for its purchasing power and for its potential to generate and anticipate different trends”, According to Ángel García Butragueño, co-director of the barometer.

Hence, taking advantage of the circumstances of a segment seduced by a more targeted approach to new lifestyles than to appearances of wealth, Four Seasons has done it again. The what? Well, give a twist to the concept of exclusivity by launching a new private jet that promises to overcome all the privileges and comforts of the original, especially since everything is designed to be so. Insert your corresponding sigh here.

The new Four Seasons private jet, or Four Seasons Jet 2.0, which is the official name, will begin operating in 2021, is a plane Airbus A321LR fully customized that will replace the Boeing 757 currently in use since 2015.

Luxury with two wings © Four Seasons

Surprising that, despite the success of your B757, with waiting lists and unprecedented demand, the new plane offers fewer seats than its predecessor, 48 versus 52. A travel and flight experience, which is enhanced with wider aisles Y new common areas on board the plane. Yes, from the plane.

What does not change is one of the most successful products: your seat. As in the Boeing 757, the new Airbus A321 will also have a 2 meter long convertible bed seat, and will be lined in white leather of the exclusive Italian firm Poltrona Frau. Nor in this new jet will they include integrated entertainment screens (I wonder if the ultra rich do not watch TV), although of course they will be provided iPads that can be used during the flight and the plane will have movies, television programs and music stored so that its 48 passengers do not lack anything. And yes, you will also have Wifi. It would be more.

The Four Seasons private jet will offer cooking classes, cocktails, talks… © Four Seasons


“When designing the new Four Seasons Private Jet, we are inspired by that glamor and elegance that involved air travel from other times, when each flight was actually a very special occasion, ”he says Dana Kalczak, Vice President of Design at Four Seasons.

Maybe that's why we now know that the flagship product of Four Seasons Jet 2.0. It was not going to be a television in the seat with 200 films to entertain, of course not.

The lounge at the back of the plane, perfect for stretching your legs, having a drink… © Four Seasons

The main novelty of this A321 is a new and spacious lounge at the back of the plane, It has up to a bar counter. Or what is the same, the social center of the jet, a place where travelers can meet to chat about their experiences or join the various workshops and talks that will take place while traveling from one destination to another.

Because this is not just about flying, in case there was still any doubt. The company has not yet set the program of activities, courses, talks, etc.., which will be taught on board, but the agenda could include cocktail tutorials with an expert Four Seasons waiter, cooking workshops and even on-board spa treatments.

This multidisciplinary space will also incorporate a buffet food and drink station for when another series of activities are not being carried out. So if someone is hungry, or thirsty, beyond the scheduled meals served in the seat, the social center will always remain. “With a very special attention on comfort and functionality, our approach seeks to promote spontaneous and natural interaction between passengers who share this experience on board, reinforcing the power of connection as a fundamental part of traveling”, Clarifies Kalczak.

And yes, the company's new jet may not mean a revolution greater than the one it achieved in 2015, but a lot more perfected and more exclusive.

The Four Seasons private jet bath © Four Seasons

It should be remembered that the chain remains the only important group of luxury hotels with its own private brand jet continuously available for ambitious tours around the world.


We know that there are environments in which talking about money can be banal, but curiosity attracts us irremediably. Four Seasons has already announced the itineraries currently available for booking, which include a 24-day tour that will depart in June 2021, traveling from Seattle to Kyoto and Bali.

Names on the road also sound like Seychelles, Rwanda, Bogota or the Galapagos. The price per person is about 140.000 €.

According to the Tourism Barometer, in global terms, travelers referred to as luxury (whose annual income exceeds € 100,000) will allocate on average about € 3,124 for each of your trips.

In the case of Four Seasons, the 48 privileged passengers of each tour will allocate about € 6,000 of budget per day. (Tra, tra).

It is a fact that this type of traveler seeks a complete, unique and differential customer experience, so offering it successfully is the challenge of tourism businesses, something that Four Seasons has already made very clear. At all costs.

Interior of Four Seasons Jet 2.0. © Four Seasons

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