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7 bike routes to travel Europe

They say there are two things that are never forgotten. And insurance is riding a bike. These are the best routes to make legs this fall.

There should be no feeling more like flying than learning to ride a bike without wheels.. That's why you probably remember what your first time was like, who taught you and how you drew an idiotic smile on your face while checking that yes, that you not only kept your balance, but also advanced (the first moment downhill we left it apart).

Recover that coup de liberty and add a few drops soft autumn breeze, put a lot of forests of changing colors, a few mountains to save - hills if your thing is not to win the Tour- a handful of castles, a few hectares of vineyards, a string of sleeping lakes and all medieval villages May the body ask you. You already have the recipe for a perfect getaway through the most natural Europe. Plan your bike route carefully and add a couple of prizes to compensate for the effort and stiffness.


Do not be fooled by your preconceived ideas. The Ardennes region, in southern Belgium, between the small town of Spa and Luxembourg, it is famous for its dense forests, but also for its mountains, which will allow you to pedal on some memorable slopes. The name of Ardennes comes from the word "Ar Duen", the black one. I mean, that you face a landscape where dark colors, jingle rivers and winding valleys rule. Do not miss the autumn Valley of Meuse, take a good beer in Liege and treat yourself to Spa, the quiet spa town that is true to its name, will receive you with an excellent offer of relaxing treatments. The tourist offices in the area will help you to choose your route by bike, from the easiest to the most demanding.

The Ardennes region: darkness well understood © Corbis


Remember it as you remember it for sure that the image of Amsterdam always comes to your mind with a bike on, at least. It is one of the best capitals in Europe to pedal and if you are not ready one of the worst to be a pedestrian, because the enthusiastic legion of bicyclists will pass over you without much regard. At most a sorry and a shrill whistle. So get a bike urgently and dedicate yourself to discover without hurry its more than forty kilometers enabled for routes, which not only travel every corner of the city but also enter a rural story space where mills, flowers and the channels And don't be afraid: the roads are narrow and little traveled, with the addition that Dutch drivers know how to respect cyclists.

Europe by bike © Corbis


Take advantage that there is still light and give yourself the luxury of pedaling above the Arctic Circle. Not everyone can say it. The temperature is perfect to enjoy the rocky archipelago without overcrowding. The short roads are ready to pedal and the proximity of the sea, rugged and wild, will force you to stop on more than one occasion. Take advantage of the vertiginous height of the cliffs to catch your breath and immortalize you in a dream setting. You will discover picturesque fishing villages, like Nufjord, you will taste the cod tastiest of your life and you will know all the secrets of the Vikings. Do not forget to give yourself a good sauna or visit the Moskenes Island.

Lofoten Islands: dreamlike paradise © Corbis


Your adventure starts and ends in Munich, the sophisticated Bavarian capital protected by the high peaks of the Alps. In the shade of its imposing plumes you will discover a lot of fantastic routes to cycle. Follow the Loisach river course through the Murnauer Moos Nature Reserve and get ready to enjoy the most dreamlike nature. Dream lakes like the Tegernsee, sleeping villages like Wallgau and a lot of viewpoints where you can relax your eyes without looking at anything in particular, just letting the harmony of the landscape sneak into your retinas. If you want to give yourself one last visual tribute, go up by cable car until Zugspisitze, the highest mountain in Germany.

The Murnauer Moos Reserve © Corbis


Impossible that you do not like pedaling between vineyards or that you don't want to take advantage of the sunset heat to relax the last rays of sun in any of the many terrace restaurants that wind parallel to the Loire, the most regal river in all of France and one of the best prepared when offering bike routes. There are hundreds. Find a map and remember that you are in the area of ​​the Chateaux, that castle-palace of difficult translation but overwhelming presence, capable of giving a special luster to any of your photos. It is best that you choose a route based on those that interest you most. There are for all tastes: from wide fortresses to manicured mansions where the squared beauty of its gardens rules. Consider names such as: Château de Meng sur Loire, Château de Guignes, Château de Chambord, Chaumont-sur-Loire, Château de Amboise and Château de Villandry.

The Loire, pedaling © Corbis


Cycling in autumn through the largest island in the Mediterranean is a rare privilege. Sicily normally welcomes the thousands of tourists who are looking to take pictures next to ancient stones during the summer months and then run out to dinner. The rest of the year skews in calm calm, letting its peculiar insularity permeate more than ever all its acts. It is precisely then that you will most enjoy the essence of the island. In addition, in autumn the stones of Syracuse, Taormina, Catania or Agrigento will be even more intoxicating. Don't forget the chaotic Palermo or its fantastic outdoor market, and do not forget to make a route through the quiet villages of the interior, the closest thing to sneaking into a time capsule. If you go to the film mythomania you can visit Corleone, its inhabitants will appreciate not calling them gangsters.

Sicily: 3,000 years of history under your wheels © Corbis


Discover the new route of Escovia do Litoral, a green road that runs along the coast also offering the quietest postcards of the Portuguese interior. You can start in Lighthouse and continue your way up or down always parallel to the Ocean. Do not miss the small town of Boliqueime nor in general any that you find appealing. You will be surprised simple and healthy gastronomy from any of their fishermen's taverns. The variety of landscapes is incredible: from almost obscene golf courses to marinas and estuaries full of protected birds. You will find fable forests and as always the coast, the infinite blue of the enigmatic Atlantic. If you want to treat yourself, go to the Thermal Village of Caldas de Monchique. A spa in the heart of the Sierra de Monchique that will leave your body in tune to face the rigors of winter. Perfect to complete your bike route.

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