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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The most adorable hotel pets

We arrive at the hotel and it is time to check-in. At the counter a soft purr catches our attention. Our astonished face is priceless: there is a small pussy hidden behind the concierge's computer. It's Matilda, the hotel cat. With a small jump he stands in front of us so that we caress her. It is the best welcome.

In Traveler we love animals. It hurts us not to be able to travel with them on many occasions. Fortunately, there are more and more four and five star accommodations pet friendly They welcome our little furry friends with open arms. But not only that, many hotels they adopt their own pet and welcome in their hall a minimum, a bulldog or a family of ducks. We introduce you to one of them.


Timmy is a charming Labrador Retriever who has captivated all the staff of the Portland Monaco Hotel. Trained for two years to be a guide dog ("profession" he exercised), his vocation to serve others moved to this hotel boutique where he has been living for more than five years. Kind, intelligent and very affable, Timmy welcomes all guests at the hall of the hotel. He is now seven years old and his hobbies include climbing and organizing guided city tours for four-legged clients. He acknowledges having a doom: the Nylaboney bones. Timmy is the soul of this four-star accommodation that defines itself as super pet friendly hotel. There are no size or weight restrictions for pets who want to stay in this hotel with their owners: 'Pets always welcome'.

Timmy welcomes us in the hall © Hotel Monaco


The mascot of Palomar Hotel in San Diego It has a first and last name: Posh Parker, though affectionately everyone addresses her as Poshi. Named "Director of Hotel Pet Relations," Poshi is a high-class dog (her name means "posh" in English) that enjoys walking along the beach in the purest California style. Its function is to help hairy clients staying at the hotel feel at home (or even better). Mission accomplished: the pets at this Kimpton chain boutique hotel have their own room space, they sleep on a comfortable puff at the foot of their owner's bed and they have two huge design bowls to eat and drink, in addition to special services such as beauty arrangements for the most presumed or dog walker.

Posh, the most 'pija' dog © Hotel Palomar


In the Parisian hotel Le Bristol a soft purr is heard: is Fa-Raon, an elegant Burmese cat with fine, soft hair and big blue eyes. This guy loves to walk around the lobby, play in the grass of the hotel's French-style gardens and get guests' attention with his roars. You can even boast having rubbed shoulders with celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Leonardo Di Caprio or George Clooney, regulars of the hotel. Intelligent, calm and very affectionate, Fa-Raon is a symbol in Le Bristol, where they have always received animals with open arms (before the arrival of Fa-Raon, the hotel mascot was a small rabbit called Hippolyte) . Fa-Raon is so popular in Paris that on the occasion of his third birthday he received a very special gift from the Maison Goyard: a canvas necklace and black leather and a plate made of poplar wood personalized with his name. A cat fashion In the paradise of haute couture.

Fa-Raon posing with his Goyard gifts © Roméo Balancourt / Le Bristol

The march of the famous Memphis PATOS

In Memphis, everyone knows the Peabody Hotel. Not for its luxurious suites, its great location, not even for the gastronomic delights of its French restaurant. His fame is due to his friendly pets: a family of ducks. Since 1933, Peabody ducks leave every day at 11 a.m.lobby and parade through a red carpet like big stars to the huge fountain in the lobby, where they spend the day splashing around. At five in the afternoon they return to their Duck palace, located in the attic hotel and where they live to the body of the king. Trained by a bellman with experience as a circus tamer, this famous family of ducks repeats this parade every day, being the most anticipated attraction for hotel guests. They are not always the same ducks. Raised by a farmer friend of the hotel owners, the birds reside in the hotel for three months and then return to their natural habitat. Another important detail: in the restaurant Chez Philippe No duck has been served since 1981.

This hotel does not serve duck for lunch © Hotel Peabody


Another hotel where animals are treated like kings is the London West Hollywood in Los Angeles. An example of this is your VIP guest: Stella, a French bulldog who is at ease in the lobby, the pool or any other common area of ​​the hotel (except the kitchen, of course). It is a flirtatious and glamorous dog that has become accustomed to the good life of Hollywood stars and, from time to time, is seen in one of the parties organized by the hotel. West Hollywood is one of the areas with the most dogs. People say that there is an average of 1,000 dogs per square mile. Hence the importance that many accommodations give to the good reception of pets. Special beds, beauty kits, bowls and many treats are some of the services offered by this hotel to all the animals that enter through your door.

Stella, the most chic bulldog © London West Hollywood


At The Muse Hotel in New York they have a peculiar Pet Relations Director: Ginger, a German dwarf Spitz, a breed also known as Pomeranian Lulu. With 12 years old, Ginger is a veteran of the hotel. Cocky and flirtatious, she loves to dress Louis Vuitton, relax in the spa, pose before the cameras (she is very good at it) and eat there prickly pear (yellowfin tuna). Your job at this luxurious hotel is to receive your four-legged relatives and propose the best plans to enjoy the Big Apple, such as the Pet Chauffeur service. If you don't find Ginger, look well in the hall, most likely he is resting under the janitor's feet. It is time for a nap.

Ginger, a lady with class © The Muse


In the Algonquin Hotel in New York there is a reserved sofa in the lobby: it is Matilda's chaiselonge, the most charismatic cat. She is the heiress of a dynasty of minima that began in the 30s, when the hotel manager decided to shelter and adopt a small cat that was hanging around the door and they baptized with a very theatrical name: Hamlet. Today Matilda, the name of all the females in the family, is like a toy for everyone who visits the Algonquin. She is an extremely docile cat who loves humans and, in addition to lying in his booth, he likes to hide behind the reception computer or stretch in the luggage carts. His great hobby is watching the comings and goings of guests. Everyone at the hotel loves it, so much that it has become a true celebrity New York Every year, his birthday becomes a party with cake, costumes and cat friends. In addition, Matilda is very internet: it has mail and Facebook's own account.

Matilda, the spoiled girl of the Algonquin © Hotel Algonquin

Beau & Mave, the most exquisite canine palates

The concierge at the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver cannot complain about the good accompaniment he has every day in his work. They are next to him Mavis and Beau, a Golden Retriever and a Labrador waving their tails and raising their legs every time they see the guests appear. That makes them happy. This inseparable duo are the most photographed dogs in Vancouver. Along with them have posed celebrities such as Halle Berry, Robin Williams or Cindy Crawford. In addition to their important relationship with customers, the culinary taste of these two canine ambassadors has been key when creating the hotel's pet menu. And they have not settled for anything. After several tastings, the menu (very gourmet) consists of dishes made with organic meat, fresh vegetables, apples and turkey breast without hormones. For the mininos, a succulent stew of wild salmon with vegetables awaits you for the lunchtime.

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Beau & Mave, the inseparable duo © Fairmont Hotels

Moment for relaxation © Fairmont Hotels

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