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17 things (and a plus) that you should know when you move around the airport so you don't end up like Melendi

You have it clear: you cannot put the 200-milliliter colony in your hand luggage. When you pass the control, you know that you have to take off your boots and you should leave your coat on a tray to pass it through the scanner. And once on the plane, it is no longer necessary for anyone to notify you that you have to turn off your mobile and other electronic devices during landing and takeoff. But there are many more rules that you should know if you want to avoid getting into trouble.

Any passenger who travels frequently has internalized these mandatory regulations in airports and airplanes. However, there are many others that escape us and that skipping them could mean paying a large fine. The slight ones go from 60 to 45,000 euros and the very serious ones reach 225,000.

To prevent this from happening or simply save us a confrontation with security personnel, we have developed the good user manual for airports and airlines. This is what you should know to move through the terminals without problems.


When talking about alcohol and airplanes it is inevitable to remember Melendi. Famous was the episode that starred in 2007 when he was arrested for embarking drunk and disturbing the flight. Not to mention when in 2011 Gerard Depardieu left his traveling companions speechless as he pissed in the Citijet hall, regional subsidiary of Air France. The sale of alcohol is allowed on board but the drunks are not well seen. Airlines can take action against conflicting passengers and this includes those who travel under the influence of alcohol or drugs jeopardize the safety of the ship or its passengers. They can refuse your shipment and leave them on land or even make an intermediate scale to force them to get off.


Breaking the piggy bank before going on a trip is not a good idea. The exit or entry into Spain of metallic currency, banknotes and bank checks to the bearer can never exceed 10,000 euros per person and trip. In national territory, this amount could reach 100,000 euros. The measure aims to help prevent money laundering. Thus, those interested in squandering the stores of the Big Apple or paying cash for the purchase of technology in Japan must notify the Ministry of Finance of the money by filling out the S-1 form.


Smoking at the airport is not only prohibited, but penalized. If done in isolation, the fine is 30 euros, but the accumulation of three infractions is considered a serious offense that could range from 601 to 10,000 euros. On board the plane the restriction and the penalty is much greater. The hostesses warn before starting the flight and, in addition to paying the penalty, they can force you to leave the flight (if there is still no departure) or stop at the arrival of the country of destination. Another case would be what happened in 2009 to a Sudanese who was sentenced to receive 30 lashes for smoking on a plane.


Bringing you a souvenir magnet from the visited site does not have to cause problems but if you buy an excessively large one you can find yourself having difficulties passing the control. Magnets are considered dangerous goods which can only be transported by plane if certain conditions are met. It is not surprising that they force us to leave them on the ground so in order not to expose ourselves to losing them, it is advisable to choose to bring another memory to family and friends.


You see them as your son's harmless toy but in the security check he can confuse them with dangerous weapons. Toy guns are one of the objects whose transport in hand luggage is prohibited by the European Commission. The list includes laser guns, catapults, lighters shaped like guns, blades and open razors. Nor can you take screwdrivers, baseball bats or canes. The norm is less restrictive than in 2008, so fishing rods, ice skates and skateboards were not accepted.


No matter how excited you are when you travel, it is important to control yourself, especially when taking pictures inside the airport. The National Civil Aviation Security Program includes the prohibition of taking pictures in the airport grounds. In particular, they cannot be done in access controls, in passenger, crew and employee safety controls and in critical security areas such as carriage yards, service roads and platforms. Posters distributed by the airport announce it, but If you skip the rule, it is advisable to accept the reprimand and delete the photo. Otherwise you can expose yourself to pay one of these penalties.


You may think it is silly but if you try to catch a flight with the expired ID you run the risk of staying on the ground. Surely you have friends who have already experienced it. While you can legally move through Spain with the expired DNI - only for a few months -, the airlines do not allow passengers to fly with expired documentation (even if only a few days have passed). In such a case It is valid with the renewal receipt or passport.


Heavy smokers should not get carried away by emotion and impulse buy tobacco in countries where it is cheaper. Transportation is restricted. The Spanish Customs only allows to enter the country "200 cigarettes, or 100 cigarettes, or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco for smoking". A cardboard would be the transportable limit, this one contains 10 packs that in turn have 20 cigars. In terms of alcoholic beverages, the standard allows 16 liters of beer, four of wine, two liters of drinks with a grade below 22% vol. and one of drinks whose grade exceeds 80%.


This law affects both inside and outside the airport. It is forbidden to target aircraft or facilities. The fine for non-compliance can reach 3,000 euros.


You can bring some typical pasta from the country visited, but you have to be careful with other foods. Customs regulations indicate that food of animal origin (meats, meat products, milk and dairy products) cannot be introduced into Spain for personal or baggage consumption. The exception is infant milk powder and in its original containers and food under medical prescription. The rest of the food - here the pastries or sweets enter - can be entered in a maximum of one kilogram per person.


For a diabetic to transport insulin and syringes is a natural thing, but many times putting it in the carry-on bag is not so easy. Liquid medications are exempt from restrictions affecting other liquids as colonies or creams whenever their use is necessary during the trip (one-way flight + stay + return flight). To avoid encountering obstacles in control It is recommended to take the prescription or justification of your particular condition.


If you travel with your child and will be subject to a frisk, you must first know that the established norm prohibits this practice. The search should be authorized by the father, mother, guardian or legal representative of the child and must be in a reserved place to preserve the privacy and dignity of the child. The adult is free not to authorize the search although in that case the staff can prevent access to the rest of the airport facilities.


The attacks against the authority, its agents and public officials also affect airport security personnel. The new Law on the Protection of Public Safety qualifies these crimes as serious infractions so that the fine would be more than 45,000 euros. Think about it before disobeying, resisting authority or refusing to show your identification.


There is no rule that prohibits running through the terminal but security officers look suspiciously to those who do and often make them suspect. The security cameras record you while you put yourself in the skin of an athlete to reach the flight that is about to leave. At that time, you can be stopped and your luggage checked. The rush is not good.


You may have not been with your partner for months. You may be excited to see her waiting in the restricted access area while waiting for her suitcase to exit the belt. However you have to control yourself and not get carried away by the desire to meet. Enter the restricted access area without a boarding pass, even if it is to anticipate a reunion, is penalized with a very serious penalty. Only adults authorized to accompany 14-year-olds traveling alone are allowed, although they must carry a specific card issued by the airline.


Taking your pet on a trip is one thing and quite another is to bring you to a bichino as a souvenir. Pets such as dogs, cats or birds can be accepted as luggage in the hold or in a passenger cabin if they weigh less than 8 kilos. In both cases it is mandatory to pay excess baggage and present your veterinary passport. If you want to bring it from a third country, it is different. In principle, only pets (dogs, cats and ferrets) can be introduced. These must be identified with a clearly legible tattoo or with an electronic identification system (chip) and must carry a certificate or passport issued by a veterinarian certifying your vaccination. The access of exotic animals is much more restricted and in no case can they travel in the cabin. The entry of these animals as well as live plants must pass through Customs with an Official Phytosanitary Certificate. In addition, bouquets cannot exceed six units in flowers. The law also indicates a list of vegetables whose entry is prohibited.


You can inform yourself, read all the national and European area safety regulations, ask friends to travel frequently ... but you will never be one hundred percent informed. The National Civil Aviation Security Program contains a non-public party whose dissemination is restricted. Surprises also exist when we move through airports and airplanes.


Electrical and electronic devices in hand luggage, since March 1, 2015, are reviewed separately. Computers, cameras, mobiles, dryers, battery-powered toys, irons... will be inspected individually.

* This article was originally published on December 13, 2013.

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