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Editor'S Choice - 2020

There is an astronomer resident in my hotel

The stars and the moon are not ornate. The figure, as superfluous as necessary, of an astronomer in a hotel that teaches to understand them is exciting. In the Six Senses With Dao of Vietnam, they have it.

Outside night A couple sitting, facing the sea, in a quite romantic attitude.

- Look, we have all this heaven for us.
- And a moon that we don't deserve.
- Oh, silly man, we do deserve it. By the way, tomorrow will be full.
- Not tomorrow, he has a week to go.
- If you say so ... Look what star: will it be the star of the South?
- But what will the Southern Cross be like if we are in Vietnam ...
- I have always messed with the stars. As in Madrid they barely see each other.
- That's why we came here, little boy, because here the sky is very clean.
- Show me the Big Dipper, the Minor, the Medium, the ExtraLarge. If I care about you, show me planets.
- I am that of the Polar Star, the one that shines the most, the one I see when I go to the mountains, I don't go out. I can not be perfect.
- Well go. And you don't have any iPhone application that tells us something about heaven?

Parag Mahajani teaching a guest to read heaven © Six Senses Con Dao

This dialogue took place before this curious couple knew that in the hotel they were staying in ... there was a resident astronomer. The hotel seal Six Senses has a recognized astronomer, Parag Mahajani, which offers its knowledge permanently to the guests of these places that, even without an astronomer and without stars, we would like.

Our little couple in question was in the Six Senses With Dao, which, in addition, has just opened its own Astronomical Observatory, the first south of Vietnam. From this place in Southeast Asia, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are seen; Observation sessions are also held at dawn and dinners around the zodiac. He is not the only Six Senses who looks at the sky, in the Ninh Van Bay there are meetings to watch the stars with a cocktail in his hand.

Hotel Astronomical Observatory © Six Senses Con Dao

In its race to offer the most exclusive (eye, not the most expensive), luxury hotels they grab paper and pencil and think. Looking at the stars is free. Doing so while someone guides us with the experience of Mahajani is not for all audiences. Information is a status symbol.

Less less minibars that we will not open, less resident DJs and more resident astronomers. Or at least a telescope.

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Double stars: those of the big screen and those of the sky © Six Senses Con Dao

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