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The Weezer Cruise: the Bahamas cruise to the rhythm of Cat Power

At Condé Nast Traveler we have always defended music as a means of travel or as a reason for the trip. Even we have been to festivals, we have proposed festive routes and we have made a ranking with the best festivals in the world. But this has come great: the new trend is not that you travel to the destination through the festival: now the festival travels with you. On a cruise. For the Bahamas

Another type of cruise is possible. In the Bahamas. And at the rhythm of Weezer. And cat power.

Weezer is a rock band with solera, essential of the alternative scene of the 90 'and with its own Weezerpedia. How could they not have a cruise? Well, with them on board and as heads of their festival (it's what they have) they organized in 2012 the first Weezer Cruise, a crazy cruise where they shared ship (and stage) with Wavves, Dinosaur Jr., The Antlers, Yuck, Sebadoh ... and with his hysterical fans, of course. A four-day madness from Miami to the island of Cozumel.

This year, after a break in 2013, which Rock Pirates embark again on the Carnival Fascination ship with capacity for 2056 passengers (and 920 crew).

Rivers Cuomo haranguing fans on deck © Weezer Cruise

Destination? Bahamas Does anyone give more? Departing from Jacksonville, Florida (overnight at Wyndham Jacksonville Riverwalk Hotel), the first stop is at Freeport, where the bars on the beach and the turquoise waters, will put the bands and fans in firm. Second stop: Nassau, a place famous for its relaxed Caribbean rhythm and also for its musical businesses (on this island is the Compass Point Beach Resort, studio and hotel where U2, David Bowie or The Cure recorded their albums).


But beyond the beach parties, what really matters is music. This year Weezer share a poster with Cat Power, Toro i Moi, Holy Fuck, Palma Violets, The Cribs, Bleached ...

In addition, although they are not yet confirmed (they are always surprise activities), the inhabitants of this crazy cabin of the Marx Brothers They can rub shoulders with their idols. Weezer always prepare some madness.
- In 2012, the bassist, Scott, gave the opportunity to couples who wanted of renewing their wedding vows.

- Pat, the drummer, organized a championship of Shuffleboard, a board game mixing bowling, bocce and discs.
- Brian, guitarist, meanwhile, gave free rein to another of his passions: cinema, and shared popcorn and photogram night with his fans.

- And what about Rivers Cuomo, the singer and leader? He organized a reading of his diaries, The Pinkerton Diaries, a egorecital What did the delights of the most mythomaniac (In addition, these had their turn of questions).
- The group also gives the opportunity to take pictures with them, to talk to them ... go, they make life outside the cabin, that's what their boat is for four days!

This year all activities are still in the air. But what is not, is the great music festival that will cross the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to the rhythm of Weezer from February 13 to 17.
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The entire Wezzer team and its components on the 2012 cruise © Weezer.com

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