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Editor'S Choice - 2020

A dozen reasons to know The Place in Madrid

We find out what is cooked in 'the place' of the Conde Duque neighborhood. Playing the piano, buying vintage scales or adding fuel to the fire is possible at The Place.

Be in the right place, at the right time. Here are 12 reasons.

1) By Domus and his sisters. It is the only bar in Madrid that serves Domus Aurea IPA tap, a subtle craft beer born in Toledo. Her sisters drink in 'thirds': The Virgin or Douglas. We also love their cousins: Mojito, Spritz, Negroni, Strawberry Caipiroska (and sake) and, of course, the gintonics (made with Martin Miller's, Bloom and Mombassa). And abstemious? Tea cocktail, with peppermint and lemon.

2) For being 'the place' to get warm. In one of the arteries where Conde Duque's modernity flows best, this cozy space with intervened walls welcomes you with the chimney on fire winter weekends (the fire starts at 22.00).

Fireplace, which although in summer about ... and how beautiful it is! © The Place

3) For the reading. The firelight illuminates the winters of a sofa guarded by a few books. You can take them home in exchange for a deposit (with return). His titles range between world literature classics and random oddities.

4) For being a refuge for Madrid's blacksmiths. A capital wooden table, designed to share, It is perfect to escape dry heat from the plateau. The window-facade opens wide in a kind of ultrasensual showcase. If the solana does not give truce, the curtains go down, or what were once coffee bags.

Window of The Place © The Place

5) For the necessary virtue of satisfying our appetite. Delicious Summun toasts (with hummus, red fruits and tomatoes) or Parfais (chicken liver foie with red pepper jam), the pink panther salad (with beet, goat cheese and tomato coulis), its everlasting day creams and the rations of acorn-fed Iberian ham, cheese, sobrasada ... In a few weeks (they are in full search of the best croissant), will serve late weekend breakfasts to liven up hangovers. Some call them brunch

The Place Salad © The Place

6) For the details. The owner combed Parisian markets to complete your cutlery and tracked boutiques from Segovia where it was made with a good part of the dishes. Buñuel would have enjoyed it. On the other hand, Its exclusive Italian coffee is affordable. One euro, an espresso from Mokaflor. And a nod to the unusual bike parking at the entrance.

7) For its 'sold'. You can get one of their fruslerías. If you get inspired with a brownie and you decide to look at the retro scale or on the bicycle hanging on the wall, ask for the price. You can also take artisan goat cheeses.

For sale ... The Place © The Place

8) For the jam sessions of piano. The elegant instrument that illuminates the room is open to anyone who knows how to play it. It is said that a good handful of talents are dropped. And the melody of recited poetry is also heard.

9) For the latest technology. Available at all hours, the Mac del Garito collects faithful. For those who come assorted with technology, the Wifi It goes like a ... cucumber.

10) For being smoke-free space (with permission from the chimney). The Place's letter is fresh, artisanal and without fires. Except for its succulent porchetta, Italian boneless pork that is cooked in its oven at low temperature.

At home © The Place

11) For his empathy with diaper users. The bathroom has a nice changing table. It may help during the children's day off at noon.

12) For the smiles and recommendations of María and Adrián, behind the bar.

Piano jam sessions are delightful © The Place

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