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Basic dictionary to defend yourself if you travel to Extremadura

Extremadura is home to emigrants and conquerors, hence the vast majority of Spaniards have, in one way or another, the typical family of the people at some point in Extremadura's geography. Therefore, and to facilitate understanding between these blood ties, we present a practical selection of words that will make your cousins ​​believe that you have never left the land.

But beware, travelers, as the popular saying goes: "Extremadura are two: Cáceres and Badajoz" and mangurrinos and belloteros, despite being united by the same land, have slight differences in their particular vocabulary. So be careful in choosing words as you pass through the Extremadura pasture.

ACHO: as soon as you enter Extremadura you will notice that the diminutive of "boy" sounds in the mouth of almost everyone. Generally used as "uncle" although sometimes combined with it in a acho uncle. Don't be surprised if they tell you "acho uncleI feel like it perrunillas.

PERRUNILLA: this traditional sweet of lard, egg flour and sugar it will be available at coffee time throughout the entire region. Although its use has also ended up extending to other types of sweets, so do not go crazy if they offer you some perrunillas and you find sponge cake, cookies or other delicacies from Extremadura pastry.

ADD: the dogs, despite being exquisite, pose the danger of cause you to drown. Quiet, nothing serious happened to you that could not happen with water because you just choked.

BUMPER: if you añugas you will have to drink a little water, worry about swallowing it quickly so that the perrunilla passes and you don't get to make bochinches, which is basically keeping the mouthful of water in your mouth.

ATTACK: and don't forget about attack you after all this, because it is likely that you have left the shirt outside the pants and that, you'll have to tuck it in or you will be made a farragua.

FARRAGUA: Well, if you leave the hotel and decide to go for a walk dressed in the slippers of being at home because you don't care, someone is likely to give you this qualifier.

LAMBUZO: yes despite having eaten those perrunillas you are hungry, you are a lambuzo, A glutton who does not stop eating.

If it is ham, we are very 'lambuzos' © Corbis

CHAMBERGO OR CHAMARRETA: if with the gusa, or the hunger, you need to go out, it is very important that you do not forget the chambergo or the jacket, because it can refresh and you don't want to bother your holidays by leaving your coat at home.

BREAS: if you fancy something sweet, go to the nearest kiosk and get a few breas. There are black, red, and even stuffed or with sugar on top. Don't call them "licorice" or in Extremadura you will only get a hard stick of licorice extract.

HUB: if you fancy more salty than sweet, you can always look for a cafeteria and ask for a toast of horn. It is very typical of Badajoz and is made with pork liver fried in lard, paprika, garlic and onion, and then boiled.

ATTACK: on your excursion through the community, you don't have to always go the longest way, you can too run over in the middle of the field, and although stopping you will leave many things to see, surely you do not regret knowing how to do it when you start sparkle

SPARK: They say that Galician has more than 70 words to call the rain. In Extremadura we don't have so many, but when it drizzles, they will most likely call it that.

JONDEAO: if you haven't taken your coat and now the rain is catching you, it's because you left it jondeao anywhere. Out there, lying anywhere.

FALL: maybe you have dropped it somewhere. Because Extremadura is magical, and on this earth you also can fall stuff. As soon as you leave their borders, everyone will tell you that Things fall and you throw them away. But as long as you don't go out, you won't have problems.

PITERA: although if you are the one who falls, the most likely is make yourself one pitera. And be careful, because head injuries can be dangerous.

SHRINK OR TRAIL: if in this momentary awkwardness that has possessed you, you will leave your fingers on the door frame and close it, you could say that you have caught your fingers; but if you are in Badajoz you will have it fitted and if you are in Cáceres you will have them entangled. And very careful with Do not meddle with the petrina.

PETRINE: the petrina You can wear the pants open or closed. Although it is preferable that you wear it normally, because people do not usually like to go around with the zipper of the pants down. Especially since people are very excused

EXCUSAO: It is not about the WC nor is it about someone who has been exempted from their obligations is about that hotel concierge who keeps asking you things or from that cleaner you've caught rummaging in your suitcase. He who is a excuse me He wants everything to know.
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Typical Extremadura fauna © Corbis

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