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Selfie at the hotel: how to deal with selfie fashion

If you can not beat them, join him. This is the maxim that some hotels follow to ally with something that, whether they want to or not, everyone will do inside them: a selfie.

The hotels are not especially favored in the selfies. They grow in the well orchestrated and illuminated photo. The image of an amateur does not enhance their best angle, hence seeing photos of Tripadvisor customers can only make us cry. Much less if that fan just wants them to appear in the background. But nevertheless, Hotels don't get rid of shared self-portraits. Like it or not, it will be the bottom of many of them. And if they will be inevitable, Why not hug them and take them to their land?

This is the idea that defends the Paris Mandarin Oriental. This hotel on rue Saint-Honoré also does it in a cunning way. His programme “Selfie in Paris” power, not that the hotel is photographed, but that it is the city that comes out in the selfie. This is how they ensure maintain aesthetic control of space. This package consists of one night at the hotel more three hours of car with wifi that accompanies customers to take the ineffable photos. The hotel has edited a map specifying the best places for it. If the selfies are shared with a hasthtag Authors can win a hotel night. Bravo (pronounced Bgaaavó) by the hotel: Brand is guaranteed while safeguarding your precious and precious image.

The Mandarin in Paris is not the only hotel that powers the selfie, although he who does it in the most delicate way. At the Grande Bretagne hotel in Athens they have also decided to take advantage of this phenomenon in which we all fall. To do this, they have designated a selfie spot, a point from which to take a selfie, which is the optimum for the Acropolis to leave. Thus, customers are happy and increase the chances of sharing their photo on social networks by quoting the hotel.

Plus selfie examples: The La Concha hotel in Puerto Rico has the 'Take A Selfie Adventure Package' package; This pack includes discounts on sites where, inevitably, a selfie will fall that, of course, must be shared with the corresponding label. Something similar has invented the hotel La Muse, in New York, self-promotion prizes vary between free drinks or free nights. The OD hotels of Mallorca and Ibiza also encourage: if there are selfie with hashtag There are chances of winning one night. Without mention, there are no privileges. That is the price to pay for hotel vanity.

Other hotels, such as the 1888 Sydney Hotel go a step further. This establishment allows you to take selfies in your lobby; selfies which then projects on a screen. We are not sure if we want this to be the first thing we see when entering a hotel. Unless it is our face that presides over the lobby: then maybe we like the idea.
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