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A Zurich to relax them all

When we think of Switzerland we often do it in banks and finance, but also in mountains and lakes. Focusing on this second idea we travel through Zurich with the sole purpose of pampering our body. Because this city is undoubtedly the most hedonistic in the country with its spas, restaurants by the lake, stunning views and of course chocolate.


In Aquarena It is impossible to be on the nerves. More than six hundred square meters of hot springs divided into several indoor and outdoor pools at 36 degrees of temperature. A waterfall to relax the neck, an inhalation room, massages everywhere. And all just over half an hour by train from the city center. Located in the Bad Schinznach Hot Springs, where the most concentrated sulfur sources in the country are born. If people come from the seventeenth century to this place it will be for something.

A Zurich to relax them all © Aquarena

The five-star hotel The Dolder Grand is known as the one that wellness lovers go to when they pass through the city. Anything compared to its facilities stays small. 4,000 square meters of facilities, of Japanese and European inspiration. A good session to be treated well in what they call “The best tradition with a technological touch” It gives better results than many psychological therapies. A ritual detox at 30 euros per hour -a bargain to be the Swiss city and the range of this hotel- or a walk for meditation are some of the offers of this exotic menu.

Dolder Spa: luxury relaxation © Heinz Unger


Another way to relax is through good views. For example the stained glass windows created by the artist Marc Chagall for the Fraumünster church (Stadthausquai, 19). It is a work of the 70s of the twentieth century in a gothic church of the ninth century, so it is a great opportunity to see time melt through art. The windows are from the Swiss Augusto Giacometti. Thanks to him the city police have one of the best locations in the world (Bahnhofquai, 3). He was commissioned in one day to illustrate the building with some spectacular murals of the early twentieth century.

The profile of the Fraumünster church © Corbis


Walking around the surroundings of Lake Zurich is something that must be done even when the weather does not go with it. In the Bellevue Square is where the Limmat River ends and the lake begins. Walking towards Zürichhorn arrives at Blatterwiese, one of the most comfortable green areas of the city, where you can relax or practice outdoor sports. In that area, from Bürkiplatz, the cruises that cross the lake are taken.
Also the buses that lead to one of the most suitable restaurants for this relaxation. Seerose It has a terrace by the lake from which you can enjoy many of the fish dishes of the cosmopolitan and ambitious menu of this establishment. The Züri Rollt bike rental service is free. You only need an ID and a deposit of 20 Swiss francs (16 euros) that will be recovered when the vehicle is returned.

Seerose, the definitive restaurant © Turismo de Suiza


Two excursions to admire the best views of the area are that of Felsenegg, That leads to the Alps. It is the natural park of the Sihl Forest, from the Adliswil tram station (line 4). Another option is to climb the Loorenkopfturm tower, from where you can see the lake, the alps and the city at the same time. From the Römerhof station (tram line three) a small walk begins that leads to this viewpoint.

The excursion to breathe and get carried away © Felsenegg


Pampering the body also happens to pamper the stomach. Chocolate is never left over and less if it is Swiss. The most traditional is in the careful establishment Läderach Chocolate Suisse, which produces all kinds of sweet whims right there. It is located on the golden mile of Zurich, at Bahnhofstrasse 106. Very close, at the central station (Hauptbahnhof) you can expand the catalog of whims with Marinello, which is also responsible for selecting the best cheeses in the country, in addition to fruits and top quality vegetables. Something closer but equally enjoyable is the Sprüngli confectionery chain. It maintains that essence of the nineteenth century that is distinguished by having its own macaron, called Luxemburgerli. A light temptation that produces more than 600 kilos a day. The oldest branch of Sprüngli is that of Paradeplatz.
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Chocoplacer squared © Sprüngli

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