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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The Traveler Challenge by Paco Morales

We ask the most relevant chefs in Spain to choose their perfect menu based on their trips, their experiences in foreign kitchens, what they have eaten and drunk on their trips ...

We inaugurate the Traveler Challenge with Begoña Rodrigo, today is the turn of Paco Morales. And this is going to be the year of Paco Morales and NOOR ('light' in Arabic) in his native Córdoba; your commitment: claim the Andalusian cuisine. Curious and perfectionist type until obsession, he will combine research and creative cooking work in his food house in Córdoba with the gastronomic advice of To the rag (Hotel Las Letras Iberostar on Gran Vía) and Torralbenc in Menorca We're going on a trip (gastronomic) with Paco:


It was the second time in my life that I traveled to a foreign country, (the first, Portugal in 1992 that I vaguely remember). This trip was special and I was lucky, for the first time in my life, to visit a culturally different country from us. The fruits I ate will never forget me. Among the products I met, the tucupí drove me crazy (If I remember correctly it is the juice of fermented cassava), with aromas that are foreign to my culture, very different acids and fermented, A real pass for the mouth.


The first rice of the season of the Lord Ishida Mibu, something unique. I was in a state of shock more for what it meant than for taste, in a country where everything is ritualized, neatness and the concept of 'less is more', is a way of life. I fell quite in love with its people and its kitchen, with one exception: the liver of the fugu fishLike the meat, I was disappointed (no fat, too clean) - it passed without regret or glory for my memory. The moment of the trip for me was to discover the Tokyu Hands stores and want to buy everything your eyes see at that time: utensils, machinery, incredible objects that you only find there.

Buy, buy and BUY © Tokyu Hands


Before going to eat in Alinea and Charlie Trotter, a meal is essential in one of Chicago's mythical and crude pizzerias: Pizano's Pizza. I imagined her a Roman type ... and what's up! Real Tosca: for calorie lovers. In addition, the waiter tells you stories of the dry law, very funny!


I will not discover anything that is not known about Paris. What fascinates me the most: the use of citrus Pascal Barbot has; the vegetable cook that reaches my heart the most is Alain Passard, a classic kitchen in Paris in his L'Arpege and where some Vegetable slices seasoned with a few drops of Argan oil They are from another world.

The rough Chicago pizza © Pizzano's


Between roasts the game, but apart from the good sites of grills and Italian restaurants, it appears on the scene my wife's aunt, Mary. Does at home a huge Creole pie, typical dish that you eat with your hand and that you don't stop eating until your stomach hurts, with beef, lemon juice and cumin.

PERU 2012 - LIMA

Butt Cevichesweaty fish in the Picantería by Hector Solís That has upset me. Same as the work of Virgil, Chef of the Central restaurant, who invited us to cook at home with products from the Peruvian Amazon. Cuzco unknown, dizziness, altitude sickness, coca leaves to chew and mimic those in the area, unknown, powerful product, more than ceviche, Potatoes of many colors and flavors.


I tried some shots ... shot of tomato with tequila + raw shrimp a bomb! Tacos of tongue, quesadillas with powerful and imposing tastes where the terroir of the area is present in the street. Go-go corn.

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The rich Lima ceviche © La Picantería

Video: Remembering Katherine "Momo" Morales. (March 2020).

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