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What do you miss about Cáceres now that you live outside

A decade ago I left my city in search of a career and professional adventures that took me to Los Angeles. In the distance, the blood of Cáceres flows through my veins with more rhythm than ever, because there are things you will never find in another land.


Cáceres, declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 1986, hides one of the best preserved monumental cities on the planet. Time travel is possible when you walk the streets of the Old part in the middle of the night, moments when only silence is heard and history is felt.

The palaces of the Golfines, Casa del Sol, Bujaco Tower and the Santa María Co-Cathedral, unbreakable over time, they collect six centuries of history. Only the Palace of the Storks and the Palace of the Golfines de Arriba they have majestic towers that survived the topping authorized by Queen Isabel the Catholic on her second visit to the city, in which she ordered to end the towers of all those noblemen who had opposed her coronation.

Nor can we forget about their reservoirs, hidden under the buildings of Archaeological Museum and the church of San Jorge. Perfectly preserved.

Sande Tower © Corbis


Living in a large city makes you appreciate nature more. Watch a sunset from the famous trail of Runyon Canyon in Hollywood it is an adventure radically opposed to a sunset in the Cáceres Mountain, in which you leave behind a sea of ​​skyscrapers, houses and pollution and you can see the city in all its splendor. In this place the hermitage of the Mountain is erected, patron of the city that gives rise to the first name that is somewhat strange for those who do not lives in Extremadura (as the name of Jara, from the flower, may also be strange).


Monfragüe It is one of the fifteen national parks that can be found in Spain. Escape a weekend for hiking in Monfragüe It is a highly recommended activity for any visitor. An instrument that you cannot leave at home: binoculars, to appreciate closely the beauty of the black vulture, The imperial eagle and the black stork.

Monfragüe © Corbis

What better way to start the weekend, after a busy week of work, than going for tapas with friends. Cáceres hides bars with rations all over its streets and tasting lovers are in luck, because Cáceres has been named Spanish Capital of Gastronomy this year. The palate of the visitors will be satisfied when trying the sausages of the region, the Casar cake, the Jerte cherry, paprika from La Vera and without forgetting a good wine, like the Ribera del Guadiana.

Essential for an Extremadura palate © Torta del Casar

The World of Music, Arts and Dance brings together cultures from around the world in an event with a large influx of masses that this year was held between May 7 and 10. Only five cities across the planet host WOMAD, two of them Spanish: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Cáceres. The festival is free and includes dozens of concerts and workshops throughout the weekend.

World of Music, Arts and Dance © WOMAD

A corner of the old town of Cáceres hides a tavern, baptized as Lancelot, which takes us fully to the Middle Ages. If you are looking for a quiet place, Where to drink coffee, read and relax surrounded by a truly medieval decoration, this is your place, full of activities and where the Anglo-Saxon language is always welcome.

A trip to the medieval past of the city © Taberna Lancelot


This is the street you want to go to on weekends. Here you will find dozens of bars in which to have a drink surrounded by yours. It is a quiet area, but entertaining, and in which, once you find a table, time seems to not pass.


On April 22, 1229, the reconquest of Cáceres by Alfonso IX took place. Every year this moment is recreated with a show accompanied by fireworks and the burning of the dragon in the Plaza Mayor.

That same midnight starts on "Meeting of the Chicken". Participants can win a prize of 200 euros if they find one of the two hidden chickens in the monumental city.


If you like to combine landscapes, wildlife and history, you can find all this a few kilometers from the province, in Malpartida de Cáceres, declared European People of the Storks. A walk through the stones of the Barruecos to see the storks nests guarantees a unique experience. Dress as an adventurer to climb rocks and crawl through crows to see some cave paintings exposed to visitors.

Malpartida de Cáceres © Corbis

A place little frequented, but a mandatory visit on your route to Cáceres. In Riomalo You will find a whole landscape provided by its spectacular meander. Recommended for lovers of hiking, unique landscapes and rural houses.

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Cáceres, how beautiful you are © Corbis

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