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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Ten reasons why we would like to sleep in a hotel-bookshop

In Japan, a hotel that is a bookshop or a bookshop that is a hotel opens this fall. Is called Book and Bed and there are many reasons why we want to grab the passport, get on a plane and sleep there. Or read there. Or whatever.

1. We like bookstores. We like hotels. Spend a night in something that unites the best of both worlds. Fair and necessary.

2. And these two worlds are literally united. The shelves and beds form the same structure in a kind of perfectly Japanese design. The (good) ideas pushed to the limit deserve applause. And a bow.

3. It has been designed by the architecture studio Suppose Design Office. Its owners, a couple of stylish japs, Makoto Tanijiri and Ai Yoshida They have also designed the Heksinki Guggenheim and many of those Japanese houses appear on the design websites where we would like to live but we know that we cannot because we are not Japanese and would not endure.

4. The Japanese sleep a lot. In shopping centers in areas enabled for it, in the subway, with their little bars tightly fastened on a tape that hangs from the roof of the car, in their offices (we reread Stupor and Tremors), on the bar of a sake bar. Imitate them and do it in a Book and Bed seems to us a conservative decision.

5. It is an eccentricity. Book and Bed it's more a hostel than a hotel; It is actually a huge communal room in which people read and sleep. And also vice versa. The intimacy is not its most important value, but we already sleep to shelter the rest of the nights of the year ... Life is short enough to sleep only in sensible hotels.

6. It is a project of Shibuya Publishing Booksellers, a bookstore-publisher that has relaunched the editorial phenomenon in Tokyo. To consider becoming a hotel seems crazy enough to want to support it. House of the book, A little hotel? Infamous types, A hostel of those little ones, maybe on the ground floor?

7. In Tokyo we want to sleep in a love hotel hospital-themed, in a capsule hotel the size of our dryer and in the Aman Tokyo. In Japan we would like to sleep even in the Imperial Palace, even if we were depressed for life. In Tokyo we want to sleep anywhere, until I sleep because it is one of the most fascinating cities on Earth. Although in reality, Tokyo is not on Earth but on a strange planet called Japan.

8. The Instagram of Book and Bed is small, charming and with personal messages, like the one that announces that they will not meet the expected opening date.

9. We know that we will not read the hotel books, but we will open many, we will leaf through and browse and copy many ideas.

10. Book and Bed is the perfect hotel that generates conversation. Not so much there, (because we will be reading) but on the way back, when asked: "And where have you slept in Tokyo? - In a bookshop hotel." Point for us, snobs travelers.

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