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The hotel of 'The Shining' plans to become Horror Museum

It is already quite clear that it drives us crazy to be afraid and be in places that have the least to do with harsh phenomena. Therefore, no one will be surprised that the Stanley Hotel, or what is the same, the company after the accommodation on which it was based Stephen King to writehis super horror hit The glow, they have wanted to add all of the law to the already broad payroll of hot spotsterrifying (and more than profitable) that populate the world. He has done it by proposing the opening of a horror museum in its dependencies.

In suite 237 of the Stanley, according to the "legend", Stephen King and his wife Tabitha lived extraordinary phenomena, such as opening your luggage (without anyone having admitted to the room) and a King's terrible nightmare, in which he saw his son asking for help without being able to do anything to rescue him. When he woke up from it, he walked around the hotel until he finished on the fourth floor and, it seems he heard strange sounds and even saw how the carpet came alive and began to move.

THAT face ... © Corbis

These episodes led him to write his bestseller, whose hotel takes the name of Overlook but is clearly inspired by Stanley. However, when filming the movie, Kubrick decided that it would be best to use the Timberline Lodge, a ski resort. Everyone knows that King was not very happy with the results of the film, so, to compensate, he wrote a miniseries of the same title That was filmed in this Colorado lodging.

Kubrick preferred the Timberline © Timberline Lodge

Thanks to this, in addition to different Paranormal episodes allegedly reported by the hotel staff itself, the Stanley already has a Ghost Tour, a Paranormal Research Tour, a pack Doctor Sleep (in which they give you the sequel to The glow), a "Ghostly Adventure" pack (which gives you the chance to sleep in "haunted rooms"), a fortune teller who claims to see your future ... In addition to hosting an annual Horror Film Festival with its own name.

However, now he has decided to go one step further and build a new building in which he will have room a horror museum, a movie studio and a movie archive. Among other facilities, the place will have an auditorium, with traveling exhibitions (how are you The walking dead from Charlie Adlard), a sound studio and a space for editing and post-production. The idea is that this complex opens for non-profit purposes, and that it be used primarily with the Colorado Film School of Denver to carry out educational projects. And in his founding council are the actors Elijah Wood (The Lord of the rings) Y Simon Pegg (Zombies Party)!

Around the Stanley they will build the building for the Terror Museum © The Stanley Hotel

The "unique" thing that separates this colonial-style complex built in 1909 from its "terrifying" projects are eleven and a half million dollars, which they hope to get from the Colorado Department of Tourism. The idea is to be able to reach the total amount of 24 million dollars and thus become a "destiny of terror throughout the year".

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