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The secret ski resort of the Cantabrian Mountains

This small winter center located in the north of Burgos collects huge amounts of snow thanks to its northern location, between the Ports of Portillo de la Sía and Estacas de Trueba. It is the "ski school" for thousands of Castilian-Leonese and Basques. Are you coming to Lunada?


The Lunada ski resort appears on the slopes of the Castrovalnera massif, one of the most indomitable foothills of the Cantabrian Mountains. Your access occurs mainly from the Burgos town of Espinosa de los Monteros, a must-visit municipality because its restaurants are inexcusable.

Since Espinosa de los Monteros we ascend the Portillo de Lunada until a left turn does not deposit in the lower area of ​​the station. The usual thing is to find more than important snow thicknesses from the same ascent to the mountain pass that gives it its name. Therefore, Snow chains always ready and always in the trunk.
The lower part of the station offers A cafe as well as several ski rental boards and boards snowboard and high mountain material for climbers. A fairly large car park invites us to leave our car and nearby is the ticket office selling ski passes.

The thickness of the snow here is… cloud level © Lunada Station


The Lunada ski resort is not an expensive winter resort. In fact it has the cheapest fertilizers we know. The working day price stays in the 14 euros and if we decide to ski on the weekend, the rate is 18. There are always strong Discounts for children and retirees.

The price can have a direct relationship with the number of mechanical means it has: 6 tele-trawlers that give access to about 6 kilometers of marked, mostly red tracks. But actually, those 18 euros give us access to a much larger ski area that multiplies by 4 that figure of 6 kilometers.

Is about a permanent off-piste, with declines and above all with an inivation that has led Lunada station to break records two seasons ago with thicknesses of 4 meters. On numerous occasions the Burgos winter center has not been able to open due to “excess snow”. Snowfalls that have managed to completely cover the mechanical means and have forced the workers to use the shovels to return the facilities to normal.

Lunada © Lunada.org


The large accumulation of snow that this area of ​​the Cantabrian Mountains achieves allows for long descents, but they do not force to leave the beaconed enclosure. This is a very dangerous activity if we lack the necessary technical and sports preparation.

But if we have it, We recommend an ascent to the surroundings of the Pico de la Miel of 1,573 meters of altitude. To do this, we will take El Birch by telerawl and just at its exit we will go to the left ascending to that level.

Is about a decline in shady area So first thing we can find ice sheets. Hence the need to carry crampons and ice ax because they are two indispensable and inseparable tools in the high mountains.

Later in the morning and depending on the weather that track can make us true freeriders one hour from Bilbao and about two from Burgos.

For a more leisurely ski, but just as fascinating, we can choose the tracks that surround the so-called Alto de las Corvas to which another mechanical means quickly approaches us. Here we will also not have snow problems, nor in the cross-country ski circuit that the Burgos station has right next to the parking lot.

Lunada in spring, we don't resist either! © Lunada Station


We still have to recommend A good, nice and cheap restaurant. And it is also very close to the facilities. In fact, we find it when we take the high mountain road that takes us to the station so it will not hurt to book in the morning.

This is the Las Machorras restaurant, located in the same area from which it takes its name. His specialty is the meat of the Cantabrian Mountains, a beef with low surface fat and the necessary in the muscles. Great taste. Attention also to cheeses, pate and of course, the impressive black pudding from Burgos which, here, are referents.

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* The journalist Alfonso Ojea is the Director of the program of SER chain specialized in snow, White tracks, which has been on the air for 20 years.

Video: Riding The Steep Slopes of Northern Spain. MTB Cantabria (March 2020).

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