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Disturbing and overwhelming, this is how the deepest point of the ocean sounds

We knew that we would not listen to Sebastian and the Little Mermaid sing that "under the sea", or to Nemo complain that his overprotective father would not let him play with other fish, nor the disturbing soundtrack of the movie Shark. But, What do you hear miles from the surface? An overwhelming and overwhelming silence, dotted with sounds produced by animals or even the meteorological phenomena that are recorded on water. So it sounds, the deepest point the ocean.

A group of scientists along with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recorded during 23 days the sounds of Challenger Abyss, which, located about 11 km deep in the south of the Mariana Trench Pacific is the deepest point in the ocean, reports Atlas Obscura. The recordings, which were made last year, have been released this week.

Image of the Abyss Challenge taken by the James Cameron expedition © Deepsea Challenge

"You would think that the deepest area of ​​the ocean is one of the quietest on earth," explained the oceanographer Robert Dziak, at the head of the project. However, "there is almost always noises", he says, referring to the" ambient sound is dominated by the noise of earthquakes, both far and near, as well as by different moans of whales and the cry of a typhoon of category 4 that just passed over. "

Descent to the deepest point of the oceans © Deepsea Challenge

In order to carry out the recordings, the scientists employed a hydrophone specially adapted to withstand pressure So deep Although the device only recorded 23 days of sound, it remained in the water for four months, between july and november. Typhoons and the navigation calendar prevented scientists from picking it up earlier.

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