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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Art paints the gray color of a street in Madrid

There are galleries that open their doors to paintings, photographs, video projections, sculptures ... and any form of artistic expression that we can think of. And there are others, like the street Gallery of Robles de Malasaña (Yes, a street), which has no doors, can be visited 24 hours a day, at no cost to the pedestrian and where art has taken the sidewalks and bollards that delimit them, making those objects gray and often uncomfortable, canvases from which to express and fill a part of the neighborhood with color. Welcome to the first gallery of bollards in Madrid!

There are those that represent the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa included or the mythical Wally (we have finally found him!), others pretend to be a totem, there are also as a pen or headlight and even an inmate pulling his heavy ball. But everyone has in common the contribution of color, a lot of color, with some creations at funny times and at times vindicating, to a street that used to go unnoticed, they report from We are Malasaña.

The Tower of Pisa by Curruncho © Pinta Malasaña!

The new image of the Galería de Robles street is the result of work done during the contest Pinta Malasaña! 2016, which celebrated its first edition on April 17 with the participation of 100 artists responsible for intervening the closures of many other businesses.

The artistic creations that were reflected in this street were also part of the official section of the contest and the winner was Alejandro Ontiveros Robles, with a proposal of concentric circles: (HE) CONNECTED (DIS) STATE, which speaks of the importance of connecting with oneself.

The winner, Alejandro Ontiveros, working on his intervention © ¡Pinta Malasaña!

This is how Pablo Burgueño sees Wally © Pinta Malasaña!

The totem of Nikita Rodríguez © Pinta Malasaña!

Small prices by Kapone © Paint Malasaña!

The pink world of Jesús Parrás © Pinta Malasaña!

The inmate by Please © Paint Malasaña!

By Senk © Paint Malasaña!

The intervention of Keru de Kolorz © Pinta Malasaña!

Cova Ríos gave us this beautiful thing © Pinta Malasaña!

Video: Amazing 3D Wall Graffiti - Part 1 (March 2020).

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