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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Sleep in the mansion where Lady Di rests

Lady Di was buried in the house where she spent her adolescence: Althorp House. A palace in the purest style 'Downton Abbey'with more than ninety stays. His brother, the Earl of Spencer has announced the opening of the house on the television network NBC. Of course, a whim within reach of bulky budgets.

You only need 17,500 euros © Althorp Enterprises LP

During three weekends, 19 of the mansion's 90 rooms, Althorp House, will open to the public, six of which are a tribute to the life of Princess Diana. "IThey include clothes, school notebooks, toys and objects of the deceased such as the wedding dress”, We can read in El Mundo.

This historic mansion has passed from parents to children for centuries © Althorp Enterprises LP

As the princess's brother, Earl Spencer, explained to the NBC, the money raised will go to the Whole Child organization. You can sleep in this mansion with more than five hundred years for 35,000 euros the weekend (two nights as a couple) or 220,000 euros for groups of up to 18 people maximum (about 12,000 euros per person), according to Travel and Leisure.

This is Althorp House © Althorp Enterprises LP

Are you going to miss it? © Althorp Enterprises LP

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