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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Dublin for Millennials

The Irish capital must recognize the merit of having invented, almost unintentionally, experiential tourism in the form of folklore nights and bottomless pubs. However, the fact of hosting the European headquarters of companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon or Twitter It has changed the morphology of the city, has modernized it and created a small parallel universe increasingly visible and enjoyable by the visitor.

Everything you are looking for, millennials, is in Dublin © Alamy


The emptiness after the great crisis of the beginning of the century was so great that any corner of Dublin was likely to become an office. Hence there is no geographical delimitation that establishes the borders of this Silicon Valley. However, this prosperity 2.0 has made the Docklands culminate their urban reconversion and go from being a battered free zone and port to consolidate as an international business center. This carries with it modern buildings, salad bars, quick keystrokes and several bike paths. But also uHow many corners that make following the Liffey River course worthwhile.

The great icon of this new era is the last euro of the old one. That is, the Convention Center and its particular way of lying down which has succeeded Spire as the most representative contemporary postcard. More if you visit at night, when the outer light shirt is illuminated with the colors of the Irish flag or with others depending on the symposium you are celebrating. Although the tourist on foot can only access his hall, the view of its interior is surprising, with a tangle of escalators and a glass slope which gives a much more naked view of this design by Kevin Roche. As a curiosity, Each floor has a pub, which makes Ireland not far from each auditorium.

Outside expect the other leg of the postcard. The Samuel Beckett Bridge, designed by Calatrava, was the first inhabitant of the new millennium in the area. It is still a modern classic, but the fact of opening like an arm that shrinks to let the heaviest ships in when the tide allows is an incentive, so as to make a very good match with the very modern convention center.

The Convention Center, which looks lying down © Alamy Stock Photo

Behind, The Ferryman pub survives as a brick hero and Gaelic music. The hunting of constructions-sculpture guides the steps to the Bord Gáis Energy Theater, the temple of the culture of the neighborhood and a kind of open bar of shapes and lines. His creativity is spread by the Plaza del Grand Canal and its surroundings, where only a few red sticks 'spoil' the metallic panorama. It is a memory, a nod to the past of an area where the leproseries of the city were located. The current scenery space The Lir (headquarters of the audiovisual school) and the AVIVA stadium they are the last stops of a walk in which the boats that swirl on the canal and the teenagers practicing paddle surf They are the best companions.

Bord Gáis Energy Theater, cultural epicenter of the neighborhood © Alamy Stock Photo

However, the city has not missed the opportunity to open an attraction with which to finish off this new neighborhood. The EPIC visitor center covers the basements of a shopping center drowned by the decline of the beginning of the century and trat explain the influence of Ireland in the world through immigration. Beyond whether it is interesting or not (the museum is designed for those descendants who visit Ireland in search of its roots), the fact of being a technological display with tables more typical of Minority Report that of the year 2016 It is in itself an incentive and a pleasant surprise.

Ireland, immigration and the world © EPIC Ireland CHQ (Facebook)


Ireland celebrated its design year in 2015, 365 days devoted to the claim of young creators and artisans which simply gave visibility to some firms that the new generations already had in mind. Evidence born of the need, of the hard blow of the famous crisis that He pushed many twenty-year-olds to look for beans with their ideas and sketches. Today they are almost a wonderful plague, partly benefited by the prosperity of the city and also by its consolidation as a shopping destination.

Therefore, Millennials purchases cannot ignore large cooperative spaces such as The Design House, a brightly colored Georgian house where Each room is a sample of jewelry display cases, 'donkeys' of dresses and hat mannequins. A hodgepodge born in 2013 from the mind of Bébhinn Flood, its founder and principal 'curator', who receives and looks for new talents daily whose only requirement, in addition to quality, is to be and / or live in Ireland. Following this example, other spaces such as LA Irish Design Shop, Designist, or Cow Lane act as Cooperative showcase of different artists and designers located in the most commercial areas of the city.

Showcase of different artists © LA Irish Design Shop


The Yublin generation does not disgust the old, hence their map is the classic Temple Bar pubs or Leo Burdock's very tasty Fish and Chips. However, it also has its cute little clubs and clubs where to have fun that inherit the spirit of the Hack Nights, evenings that once cited programmers, designers and any new career of the new professions in a kind of networking nerd non-stop. A good one route for new leisure in Dublin It has some essential cultural stops such as diving the museum of modern art or IMMA, a look at the Temple Bar Gallery or an exhibition in The Science Gallery.

Also, his precinct reading corner in The Winding Stair before being carried away by the gastronomic modernez. Or what is the same, skinflint burgers, the tables to share in the Featherblade, the Potato Paste Oddities from Boxty House and coffee at 3fe or Indigo & Cloth (before or after buying). Also his pizzas 'Googlescas' in Slatterys and his copichuelas in the hypnotic and already mythical The bar with no name.

Books + wooden tables = The Winding Stair © The Winding Stair / Chrystel Rigaud


This umbrella of new stimuli has also reached beer and whiskey, who have not resisted reinvention and revision. Hence pubs have been opened as The Beer Market, where only artisanal barley juices made on the island are sold. Or that the mythical Guiness has dared with a hoppy blonde beer that is causing a rage across the country called Hop House 13 and show it, along with other creations, in a clandestine pub located near its famous Storehouse (only Thursday and Friday afternoon).

However, even if it sounds old, the whiskey has become the quintessential drink thanks to the new distilleries that threaten to completely change Dublin. The pioneer of all of them is Teeling, in whose stills some young heirs have started to fiddle and create bold coupage from barrels that previously cured Sherrys, Porto and Cabernet Sauvignon, among others. Its new headquarters are in the old 'Golden Triangle' and its tourist potential is such that the bus lines for guiris have deviated to take and bring in the intrepid tasters.

Who said that whiskey is something old? © Teeling Whiskey Company Facebook


All these intangibles of fun, creativity, technology and widespread good rolling are found and multiplied in The Dean. It is an establishment 100% Dubliner who claims to be global by exploiting the local. A slogan resulted in details such as that all rooms have USB ports (to fight the empire of adapters), Marshall speakers to 'plug in' the mobile or iPod, mini Smeg bars, a turntable or handmade bath soaps. In addition, the classic list of international channels is not on television. Only local chains and Netflix, which is accessed with the hotel's own account.

You want to stay and live in their bar ... © The Dean

Its common areas continue with this locurón. All the artworks exhibited are from contemporary artists of the city, a work commanded by James Early and his study Input Out. In addition, comfortable swings enliven the wait for the elevator and on its roof shines the best terrace in the city. In Sophie's the gastronomic experience is eclipsed by its heady aroma of Place to be, although their homemade oven, their pizzas, their anti pasti and their successful cellar are a guarantor of success.

Rooms with a retro touch that falls in love © The Dean

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