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Get lost in Vermont and, if you can, take the road less traveled

Vermont is one of the smallest states in the United States, but also one of the most natural beauty. It doesn't matter if you visit it in winter, with its landscapes of 'Winterwonderland', in the intense blue of its summer or in its spectacular autumn, the season that attracts the most tourism to enjoy the orange color of its forests.

The magic of the little traveled roads © Alamy

“Two roads forked in a forest and I,
I took the least traveled,
and that made all the difference ”

One of Vermont's best surprises is that, as Robert Frost would say, one of his most renowned poets (he was born in California, but lived in the state most of his life and is buried there), Choosing the road less traveled is almost always a wise decision. As soon as you take any of its secondary roads, you discover a surprisingly rural landscape, disconnected from the rush of everyday society. The telephone signal does not work often, something that few of its residents care about. You could say that time is running at a different speed for them, and A weekend there regenerates the desire to live more in contact with the earth and nature.

But not all Vermont is rural and analog. Its capital, Burlington, is a beautiful and vibrant city with a wide cultural and sports offer. As the headquarters of the University of Vermont, the spirit of its residents remains young and, increasingly, international. The framework in which Burlington is situated is unbeatable: between the green mountains, next to Lake Champlain and one step away for excursions of all kinds. The center of the city's social life swirls around Church Street, with historic buildings that today host the names of well-known chain stores and also some local businesses. Lake Champlain Chocolates, Burlington Records and Vermont Flannel Company (company dedicated to flannel garments) are some of them. Here you can stop for a drink in one of their cafés or in Farmhouse Tap and Grill, which offers a good selection of local beers.

Burlington © Alamy

Tasting beer is one of the favorite activities of the natives, connoisseurs of the prestige of local production, wide range and excellent flavors. There is even a bus tour that visits Magic Hat, Switchback, Vermont Pub and Brewery, Fiddlehead, Rock Art, Trapp and The Alchemist, among others. To eat, One of the most popular sites for its creative menu and based on local agriculture products is Hen of the Wood. If what you want is a sweet snack, nothing better than one of the ice cream or creamies They offer at Burlington Bay Market and Cafe, which is near Waterfront Park. You can sit there to enjoy it, or walk along the lake admiring the landscape. The flavor you should choose? Vermont Maple Syrup!

One of the Burlington producer markets © Alamy


Burlington is an excellent starting point from which to get lost on one of those lesser known roads in the north of the state. If you like hiking, Camel Hump is one of the highest and most recognizable mountains due to its curious silhouette, which resembles the hump of a camel. The ascent to the peak is popular and difficult, so you have to plan the climb, bring warm clothes and something to eat. Near the mountain there are also many other less traveled and simple routes To take a good walk in the mountains.

Camel's Hump © Alamy

If the weather is good, there are many places to bathe in the river. The best way to find some of your swimming holes is to ask the locals or just observe: a group of cars parked on the side of a road, generally indicates that there is a natural pool nearby.

Swimming Hole on the outskirts of Burlington © Alamy


Both. For true beer lovers, it's worth approaching Stowe, the home of one of the most respected firms: The Alchemist, producer of Heady topper. This same year, the craft brewery has opened a new and modern visitor center.

A special place to spend the night, also near Stowe, is the Trapp Lodge. Even if it doesn't fit into your sleep plans and is not out of budget, mIt is worth paying a small visit to the lodge where the royal Von Trapp family lived when they escaped from World War II Austria. Yes. The real protagonists of Smiles and tears! The bar-restaurant with mountain views serves a Exquisite plate of cheeses and sausages that you can enjoy with a brewed beer, of course, right there. And if you are interested in the true story of María Von Trapp, the center's gift shop has several books about it.

Trapp Lodge © Alamy

You cannot leave this area of ​​Vermont without visiting the most famous of its ice cream parlors, Ben & Jerry's. The company is proud to use only milk from local farmers for their ice cream and some cows can be seen grazing right next to the factory. Some of the ice creams that went down in history now rest in the "cemetery of flavors." You can take a guided tour inside and get a souvenir, although the truth is that the best thing is, plain and simple, to have an ice cream ...Some of the varieties found here are not available anywhere else.

Do not forget to take the road less traveled to return to your origin, perhaps back home you will find the best surprise that Vermont has kept in your pocket for you.

Choose, always, the road less traveled © Alamy

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