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Editor'S Choice - 2020

A lovely world for mice comes to life in the Swedish city of Malmö

We have grown glued (at times) to a TV that gave us a window of fantasy and imagination, cartoons in which we discovered a parallel animal world with sewing mice, dogs that defended their king, a donkey that played drums or a bear that accompanied a child in his life in the jungle. What if we told you that this reality starring animals was taking shape? In Malmö (Sweden) a small city for mice begins to develop.

Mice of the world, here you can buy and eat © Anonymouse

On December 7, the corner of Bergsgatan and Almbacksgatan streets in Malmö, She appeared busy with two new establishments: a nut shop, Noix de vie, and an Italian restaurant, Il Topolino. Small, very small, and located at ground level. Perceptible only thanks to that blissful mania of us always looking at the ground. The first two places for mice in the city were born.

This initiative, after which is the Anonymouse collective, began to take shape as something diffuse last March, when its authors thought about building something that would attract the attention of pedestrians and make them smile. Gradually, they focused their attention on the stories of Astrid Lindgren (the creator of Pipi Longstocking) and Walt Disney and Don Bluth movies (Do you remember Fievel and the new world?).

Final retouching before staging © Anonymouse

“We believe that most children like to imagine that there is a world parallel to ours where small animals live in a similar way to what we do, but using things that we have lost, ”they explain to Traveler from Anonymouse. Because of the response they have had (they already have more than 85,000 followers on Instagram), it seems that many people share this fantasy.

They had no claim when they launched this idea, they did not seek any public recognition or economic benefit. Simply do something nice, but less than 24 hours after placing the facilities, a newspaper published an article on the subject and the impact has transcended borders.

Pizza or pasta? © Kristina Sigunsdotter

Noix de Vie and Il Topolino they are authentic works of art built with bottle plates, wires, cans, lampshades, stamps ... that for months were painted, glued, welded and worked by some authors who, for the moment, prefer to continue in anonymity since they consider that the important thing is their constructions. In addition, this association of people and mice is very satisfied with his name, Anonymouse, and they are aware that making their identity known would have to change it.

They started from the idea of ​​making an ephemeral project: they were counting on the inclement weather to spoil their constructions. Now, however, They are already working on the next one (there is still no date for their installation) and, although for the moment they will focus on Malmö, they are open to take their work and their rodent cities around the world.

The goal was to provoke a smile © Anonymouse

The authors are already working on their next installation © Anonymouse

A little hole of honor for its referents © Anonymouse

Pure rodent temptation © Anonymouse

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