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The coolest street in Singapore

Considered the coolest street in Singapore, Yong Siak Street brings together the most chic and sought-after cafés, shops and restaurants of the moment. We tell you what your essential stops are.

You want to stay here to live © Plain Vanilla Bakery

Although small, the city of Singapore encompasses a multitude of totally different neighborhoods - some better known than others such as China Town or Marina Bay - that are worth visiting. Known as Asian Switzerland, strolling through this city and getting lost in its thousand tiny neighborhoods does not imply any danger, and this is how you can arrive walking without haste to Yong Siak Street, a small street that combines the local essence with diverse international influence.

Do you already smell Forty Hands coffee? © Forty Hands Facebook


Situated in the Tiong Bahru neighborhoodIt is a quiet area, very residential and away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. You will recognize it for its buildings of houses and apartments with a clear style 1950's Art Deco, which evoke the exclusive South Beach area of ​​Miami. White facades, different exterior stairs and lots of tropical plants at the entrance of the houses are some of the hallmarks of this neighborhood. In the center of the neighborhood is located Yong Siak Street where, despite its short length, you can spend hours and find a thousand things to do.


We start by Plain Vanilla Bakery (1D), whose door is presided over by two vintage air bicycles. It is a great place that covers everything related to the world of cooking: a delicious coffee where you can taste home cooking; a space for cookbooks, with some as curious as the one dedicated to apple recipes; a gourmet area with homemade jams, coffee of various types or salts from the world, along with original and curious kitchen utensils. An advice? Don't miss out on the fun "homemade" Gin kit to play at being a bartender at home. And if you want to taste one of the sweets in your cafeteria, don't overlook muffins of different flavors; the banana pie or its version of the gypsy chocolate arm.

Long live the cupcake © Plain Vanilla Bakery


If the inhabitants of the city like something is to drink coffee, but not just any coffee, but they give themselves to try different types, looking for those who awaken their senses. In this search you have to include in the coffee route Forty hands (at number 78 on the street), a place with a lot of atmosphere at any time of the day, where you can see how different types of coffee grind - generally organic - at the time. They can be accompanied with a wide selection of homemade sweets and cakes, prepared every morning. A must? its brunch weekend; Such is its success that it does not fit a pin.

In addition to delicious coffees, you also have brunch option for vegans! © Forty Hands


In Yong Siak nor you will see no establishment of a large chain. All the stores that inhabit it are small premises of independent seal and with a lot of charm, where to acquire original and very different objects. We highlight Woods in the books (in nº3), a place that you will recognize from a distance by its facade with funny drawings. Its interior is a paradise for small readers, since it has books of drawings, stories and some wooden toy; also they organize a multitude of workshops. In number 9 is another library, BooksActually, one hundred percent independent and specialized in fiction books. On their shelves they have a special place poems and biographies of creators. A detail? They have a small publishing label called Math Paper Press with which they promote novel writers. Finally, it should be noted Strangelets (at number 7), a shop where you can find all kinds of various curiosities, from a fun coffee thermos shaped like a sailor or bullfighter; some postcards with positive slogans like "you can do it" or the notebooks of the Katie Leamon firm.

May happiness catch you in a bookstore © BooksActually


And if the shopping offer is wide, the gastronomic is also rich and varied. In number 5 is Ikyu, a friendly restaurant run by the chef Takuma Seki which is defined as "perfect balance between simplicity and complexity". It offers Japanese cuisine with a different touch, and you can enjoy some of their menus or simply a variety of sushi to taste. At number 19 we run into Open Door Policy or ODP, a modern and rustic bistro of “tasty and contemporary food for people who want to eat sustainably,” as they explain. Its open kitchen is striking, and its “green character”, with walls covered with plants, which can be used in your dishes. Two recommendations: vegetarian pasta or your recipe for crab with saffron, corn sauce and sugar peas.

Challenge your senses in Ikyu © Ikyu

And for those who like innovate in the kitchenThere are two good options. On the one hand, PoTeaTo, in 78 of the street, specialized in potatoes and tea at very good prices. And, although it is on a parallel street, it is also worth mentioning Bigmama (2, Kim Tian Road), which has acquired excellent fame in recent times thanks to its korean cuisine top, although it almost goes unnoticed physically since it does not stand out for the decoration, but for the good work in the kitchen. Attention to your Kimchi Fried Rice; your bulgogi pork with rice or any of its soups.

PoTeaTo: creativity everywhere! © PoTeaTo


Not far from this street is the market Tiong Bahru, with aesthetics and atmosphere of those of a lifetime, where you will find street vendors of all kinds. Posts of fish, spices, fruits, vegetables, tea, meats ... If you like the world of food, you can also buy interesting and peculiar products in Crateful (on 1 street), colloquially called by the natives "modern urban shopkeeper". Here you can find the shopping cart of artisanal producers, fresh and healthy, such as salts of all kinds, fruits and vegetables, herbs for cooking, artisanal grains, hand-labeled teas in bag, etc. And to finish the plan healthy, do not leave the area without trying a yoga session in the center Move ment, at number 11.

And at nightfall ...

… Nothing better than Coq and Balls, in an adjacent street (6, Kim Tian Road). It is the perfect place to have a good time of the weekend, to the sound of good music, chill-out atmosphere and wide selection of beers. A data: offers a fast food menu of sandwiches, hamburgers or pizzas, if you're hungry, and you want to "kill the bug."

Do we provide? © Coq and Balls

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