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Finland celebrates the world's largest sauna festival

This weekend is celebrated in Helsinki the first Finnish Sauna Festival, during which the doors of more than 40 saunas -among them, some very extravagant- and numerous concerts will be offered.

The biggest festival of saunas in the world © Kari Ylitalo / Visit Finland

Attention, lovers of the most global Finnish tradition, because, from June 8 to 11, in the capital, on the occasion of the centenary of Finland's independence, you can enjoy the sauna in all its varieties. In addition, you will enjoy the performance of famous Finnish artists cLike Ile Kallio, Big Rock Band, Klamydia, Evelina or Pariisin Kevät, from the renowned country design and of typical summer dishes from the area

The famous "sauna trolley" © Planisferio Comunicación

The Finnish Sauna Festival will make 40 saunas available to its visitors - that is, only the 0.002% of those that exist in the country, because there are at least two million! Among them, they will be counted one in the hull of a ship, the "sauna trolley", another Under water, one that includes an aquarium, one inside what looks like a giant beer barrel and even a moto-sauna There will also be sauna-yoga, massages and even a round table in a sauna with the musician Mato Valtonen. Does anyone give more? Without a doubt, not in the fantastic universe of saunas!

The ticket that will open all these wellness havens costs only 29 euros, the cheapest price which offers a festival in the country. In addition, the entrance includes access to concerts -that you can enjoy from the steamers themselves- and, the week before the event, it will allow you to get Free passes to saunas in Helsinki, but also in Turku, where the festival will take place from June 15 to 18, and in Jyväskylä, which will celebrate it from August 10 to 13. In addition, with the subscription you will get discounts for the Sky Sauna, Lonna Island or the modern sauna Loyly.

The show also aims to break records, and therefore, on Saturday June 10 will offer the biggest brunch ever held in Finland. It will take place in a large dining room next to the Olympic stadium, in an environment very summery, and your ticket is priced at 25 euros separately, or 40 euros including the festival pass.

And as we know that you will fall in love with all these warm cabins, one more good news: on August 13, the last day of the festival in Jyväskylä, it will be celebrated an auction with saunas used in all three cities, so you can take unique and super original copies to home!

The "iglusauna", another hit © Planisferio Comunicación

Löyly © Pekka Keränen / Visit Helsinki

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