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Editor'S Choice - 2020

This mountain has the exact Batman profile!

Madrid illustrator Teresa Bellón He gave no credit when, on his journey through the norwegian fjords, found a mountain whose profile was exactly Batman's!

Turn your head to the right and tell us what you see ... © Teresa Bellón

"My mother told me: 'Look at that mountain over there, looks like a face'. And I looked at myself and thought: 'It's true ... but it reminds me of someone'. And I fell in that looked like Batman in profile"This is how Teresa tells us about her fun discovery, which she soon shared with the almost 15,000 followers of your Instagram account through Stories.

"When I saw the mountain, I uploaded a photo to Instagram Stories asking people if they also saw the mountain or it was me who was crazy. Many answered me hallucinated (laughs). They told me that It looked a lot. I was very happy to confirm the resemblance (and my mental health), "recalls Teresa.

Do you see it now © Teresa Bellón

Definitely, the resemblance is overwhelming, as this montage of the artist shows. The pity is that he does not remember what the place was called, with which, we have no choice but to be very attentive on our next trip through the beautiful fjords. The objective? Discover the hidden Batman once again!

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