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Byblos Saint-Tropez: fifty years of discreet luxury and endless nights

Within the opulence of the French Riviera, the hotel Byblos is a oasis of comfort and glamor. A palace of Arabian Nights created following the scale layout of a Provencal village within another village, Saint-Tropez. It is the highest expression of the art of living French.

Mick Jagger in front of the Byblos hotel © Getty Images

While they premiered Fiddler on the Roof, Jesus Christ Superstar, The last Tango in Paris, The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie, Saturday night Fever Y The devil on wheels, the actors of the 70s spent the summer days away from the spotlights of the set, being dazzled by the turquoise blue of the sea and the chic anonymity of the coves of a fishing village that an explosive blonde became fashionable in the late 50s .

Jack Nicholson in the long endless nights of the Byblos © © Jaubert (courtesy of Hotel Byblos)

Saint-Tropez was a party that extended the hippism and free love of the 60s, with new accents of integral rock, glam rock, and even punk. In its picturesque harbor - surrounded by houses with colorful facades, the Typical neighborhood of La Ponche and the square of Les Lices- they docked in their luxurious yachts all the beautiful people of that time, who came, in a trance, to the call of the Byblos, the most famous and most famous hotel has stayed for 50 years.

Created in the image and likeness of the port of Byblos in Lebanon, born of love. That of Jean-Prosper Gay-Para, a Lebanese billionaire hotelier in love with Brigitte Bardot, that he wanted to dedicate a Taj Mahal to him in the South of France. A beautiful story truncated by the Six Day War that, in 1967, forced the crush to return to Beirut and sell his hotel to Sylvain Floirat, brilliant businessman and great grandfather of Antoine Chevanne, who would assume the direction of the Hotel group Floirat in 2006.

This is what the famous hotel looks like © © Cedida by Hotel Byblos)

Fortunately, many other love stories (some impossible, like that of Mick Jagger and Bianca Pérez Moreno de Macias, who after his wedding in the Byblos made "My marriage ended the same day as my wedding" one of his most famous phrases) has had room among his Andalusian tiles, his wrought iron balconies and stairs, his Madras curtains with gold threads, his colored facades, his bougainvillea garden, olive trees, jasmine and palm trees, his swimming pool around a central square in the shadow of a centenary olive tree imported from Lebanon.

The long list of famous clients and the night parties held at the Byblos hotel they have elevated him to the category of myth of the Côte d'Azur since its inauguration, on May 27, 1967. Their godmothers were Mireille Darc and Brigitte Bardot and, attracted by these spontaneous public relations, Françoise Sagan, Juliette Greco, Eddy Mitchell, Paco Rabanne, Michel Polnareff At some point they stepped on this mecca of free love and the subsequent tourist pijerío.

Brigitte in Saint-Tropez © © Aponte Brigitte Bardot aux Caves du Roy (courtesy of Hotel Byblos)

In the nineties, for the white veiled calls of the record producer Eddie Barclay -parties that forced attendees to wear White color- passed Jack Nicholson, Barbra Streisand, Elton John and Rod Stewart.

Top models Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Giselle Bündchen They have enjoyed great evening receptions here, just like other guests of the house like Paris Hilton, Penelope Cruz, Kylie Minogue, Boris Becker and David Beckham. A comings and goings of glittering stars who saw how that little fishing village fed the myth with their stay.

Jack Nicholson and Cher in the long white nights of the Byblos © © Aponte (courtesy of Hotel Byblos)

This Provencal town of narrow houses, promoted to the category of Palace In 2012, it has an area of 17,000 square meters. Its balconies and buildings at different levels, designed by architects Christian Auvrignon, Philippe Monnin and Philippe Siccardon, today celebrate their golden wedding with great alliances that bear the signature of Audemars Piguet, which has released two limited editions of its Royal Oak Offshore dedicated to the Byblos hotel, of Missoni Home, Goyard, Dom Pérignon (with five limited editions of Methuselah, personifying each one of the five decades), Sisley and Roll Royce.

But what makes this place, which became fashionable in the late 50s, continue to be visited by Hollywood stars and the aspirants to be part of jet international. For some, it will be the fact of finding a place as luxurious as it is comfortable, where the demand and excellence are the object of worship, where everything is discretion, calm and voluptuousness.

Royal Oak Offshore by Audemars Piguet © Audemars Piguet

For others, it will be for him nostalgic pleasure of playing the night ritual which has been repeated for decades. After a day of shopping, walks through the neighborhood of La Ponche, tapas at the Café de Paris or relax in one of the turquoise coves and wait for the sunset in the Club 55 -An exclusive beach bar that began as the caravan for catering during the filming of Y Dios created the woman, directed by Roger Vadim, the then husband of a very young Brigitte Bardot-, night owls face the difficult task of choosing between the temple on the night of Les Caves du Roy, the Byblos hotel nightclub, or the VIP Room night club, also frequented by celebrities, singers and super VIP actors.

Aerial image of the hotel © Cedida by Hotel Byblos

But even immortals have basic needs such as eating, and even having dinner; although in this context, basic would not be the most appropriate adjective ... In 2002 the Spoon, the restaurant of Alain Ducasse that eleven years later would become the Rivea, a gastronomic table of products of the Riviera orchestrated by Alain Ducasse and his disciple the Chef Vincent Mallard, with creations ranging from small pizzas, risotto, vegetables, tumaca bread, delicious fish, with a marinated sea bream and eggplant with olive oil as a signature dish, and meats

Even immortals eat… © Assigned by Hotel Byblos

Next to the pool, and in the shade of lemon trees, the restaurant B offers, in addition to breakfasts, cocktails, lunches and snacks, an original concept, Byni'z, which enlivens dinners: a waltz of small plates and snacks inspired by mezze, antipasti, tapas and others finger food deluxe.

And is that the perfect combination of luxury and privacy They make it a magnet for great travelers, curious and people who are willing to live an experience that goes beyond money and classic concepts of elegance.

Its 91 rooms are personally decorated by Mireille Chevanne, with the most exquisite taste and the most luxurious materials. The smallest of its rooms offers more than 30 square meters, while the minimum standard required for a rating of 5 stars is 18. The suites have a terrace or are distributed in duplex and go from the 60 to 180 square meters. The closest thing to really feeling at home.

Life in the Byblos pool © Cedida by Hotel Byblos

There is still another pleasure to discover. The Byblos by Sisley spa It was the first that the high-end cosmetics firm opened in the world in 2007. Since then, this personal care sanctuary has pampered its guests across five cabins, a hamman, a patio and a Lebanese salon, rebuilt piece by piece, all brought from Lebanon.

Spa Byblos by Sisley © Cedida by Hotel Byblos

At the end of September the Gulf of Saint-Tropez hosts the best classic and modern sailing ships in Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, the last of the great regattas of the Mediterranean that, after the competitions of Antibes, Barcelona, ​​Menorca, Sardinia, Monaco or Cannes, concludes the season.

The guests, famous or anonymous, who have had the infinite privilege of sharing a piece of history and, of course, of squared hedonism.

Video: Byblos Saint-Tropez - Palace - Mai 2017 (March 2020).

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