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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Rooftop Smokehouse 'charcuteríe': the dream of all English in Barcelona

The most famous smoked in Barcelona already have a point of sale.

As we have changed. How far are those days when half the world pointed to (gastronomic) trends and we were watching everything from a distance. If pronouncing and knowing about the existence of certain dishes seemed impossible to us, eating them was already an odyssey that required a monetary investment that will take us beyond our borders to test them.

If we used to travel to find what did not reach Spain, Now we just have to wait a little while for some restless mind (and with a lot of cutural baggage) to make it available to us. Blessed are they and blessed be the times.

Very well-off in the world of curing, Spain never saw the need - and it didn't need it - of Experiment with the smokers. Nor is it easy to try in large cities, short of chimneys with smoke outlets in which to smoke hours, and even days in a row, without disturbing neighbors, being evicted from the community and reaching levels of excellence like those of our English neighbors - and distant Americans- They have been able to dominate for years.

Before, long before they began to hear names like brisket or pastrami in restaurants and magazine articles of gastronomic culture, a curious and nostalgic gang under the name of Rooftop Smokehouse (Parlament Street, 19), back in 2014, he began to recover the flavors and elaborations who missed their time in England: those smoked that had never been seen in Spanish territory before.

"We started smoking without knowing very well where we were going. It was a hobby, a passion that came true in clandestine dinners and that, little by little, she began to go deep, "says Carla Rodamilans about the start of a project that began with her husband Buster Turner.

The interest in smoked people comes from Baxter, which is from London, of his memories and taste for those primary and traditional flavors he missed.

"After returning from London, it was when we started with ephemeral dinners. The city is a cradle of customs and flavors and we began to miss them. We simply did what we would have liked to find in Barcelona, ​​"Carla confesses on the phone.

"The products that we started serving at dinner came true when We found an attic in Barcelona where we can smoke. There began a little passion to do what we liked, change a little atmosphere and even the gastronomic scene in Barcelona, ​​"he continues.

It was then that they found a chimney in an old doll factory of 1890 which became their center of operations to smoke and set up dinners in their own space. Since then, they have exploited their potential in gastronomic street food fairs and with a shop on-line in which The star product is smoked butter.

"Everyone gets caught with it because it's cold smoked like our fish. Less than 30 degrees. It is a simple product, but fundamental to accompany with a good bread of sourdough, a little cheese and a glass of wine ".

Their success made headlines, but they still did not have a physical point of sale where their customers could find, when they wanted and at the moment, elaborations like their duck breast, pastrami, bacon, bacon, salmon, mackerel or octopus.

All of them, of course, smoked, and that are complemented with homemade ferments and pickles such as kimchi, sauerkraut, pickled eggs or pickles, the average option for meats and fish that spend hours at the mercy of the smoke of the living flame.

"It's not that we were looking to open a store, but we didn't close to the idea either. In fact, it wasn't difficult to find the place because we didn't come with this business idea, things have always flowed with Rooftop. Baxter and I were in love with a little house in a beautiful corner of Parlament street and we always said: 'Imagine that one day this house is ours'… And we couldn't believe it because the day we saw the 'rented' sign, that day finally arrived, "recalls Carla.

"When we found the store of our dreams, we said 'and why not?'"

A morning walk through the area deserves to make a stop to greet Carla behind the counter (if you are not touring a market, giving a workshop or route through a hidden corner of Denmark looking for smokehouses where to get new ideas) and ask him, because it is essential that you do it, the perfect ingredients for a brunch Sunday: smoked salmon and trout combined with butter and low-temperature eggs with dill That they will know to glory. And to turn it into a carnivorous feast, mix it all with your bacon and bacon Made in the style of Great Britain.

With Rooftop Smokehouse and its new deli, there is no doubt: glory is always a pig -and a smoked- away.

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