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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Traveler Agenda (January 19, 20 and 21)

We have proposed that this weekend you have surplus plans

The appetizer is sacred © D.R.

ESCAPE PLANS: travel agency GeekTrip Organize a getaway to which you can sign up now. From March 28 to April 1 the Potter Trip Deluxe, a trip where you can visit the stages of the Harry Potter movies in London, the corners that served as an inspiration to J.K. Rowling in Edinburgh and also the Warner Bros studies.

The fun thing about this trip is that before returning home, you can participate in a gymkana by teams in which you must demonstrate All your knowledge about this saga.

Are we looking for him? © D.R.

THE VERMÚ: they have convinced us, the appetizer is sacred. This Sunday January 21st since noon and until 3 pm you must be in the Great carnation (Gran Vía 11, Madrid). The restaurant will present its letter of vermouth, traditional tapas, cocktails and snacks, claiming the quality of Madrid's food in an atmosphere of the 60s.

Garibaldi © D.R.

ON THE SHELF: Cities you've never been to, from César Sánchez (Barrett editorial). With a first called chapter Not york then go on London, Bucapest, Frisco, Helsinki, or My own life, with a narrative full of imagination, incisive and chaotic. But, finally, and Alcabo, as César says, "Majaras attract Majaras."

The signing prologue Lara López He says: "Talk about life that has not happened. Of which you have never been a part. And of which yes, the from that neighborhood that could be ours, from a city where we could have been born. "

ON THE SCREEN: The sea looks at us from afar. This Spanish film, between documentary and fiction, is about the legend of an ancient and forgotten civilization that is buried under large expanses of dunes in southern Spain.

And to laugh, Girls plan, the story of four friends who meet again and decide to go on a trip to recover their friendship.

ON WHEELS: ¡To the movies! Because he reopens his doors on Madrid drive-in with the premiere of the film about freedom of journalistic expression The Pentagon Archives. A real debate based on real events about the importance and the struggle for truth.

FROM MARKET: the Valencia trail It is paradise for lovers of vintage bargains Is exposed each Sunday (and some holidays) in the parking lot of the Mestalla football stadium. The good thing is to go early (open from 09.00) to keep an eye on and come back later, as prices are more negotiable.

Vintage bargains! © The Valencia Trail (Facebook)

IN THE NET: Knowing different parts of the world from the air now will be very easy and comfortable. Daily Overview It is an account dedicated to compiling photographs from different parts of the world, sent by their respective authors, and which are made from above. This is the account that fascinated us this week, and we are sure it will make you Fly from a bird's eye view

Video: BUJO-FRANKEN-TRANFO Mini Happy Planner Traveler's Notebook. PWM: 12119 - 12719 (March 2020).

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