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A palace for Madonna in Lisbon

An old hotel converted into a home: Madonna has settled in the Palácio Ramalhete but ... will the queen of pop stay in Lisbon?

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A palace for Madonna in Lisbon © Palácio de Ramalhete

“The energy of Portugal is very inspiring. Here I feel so alive and creative… ”. With these words a newcomer Madonna to Lisbon sealed its fledgling idyll with the Portuguese capital, in September 2017.

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Getaways a step away from Lisbon: we want MORE Portugal

Months later, in January of this year, he moved to what could become his permanent residence, an impressive family mansion transformed into an exclusive boutique hotel, the Palácio Ramalhete. We show you the new house of the interpreter of 'Like a Virgin' and we follow his steps through the city of seven hills to try to sketch his new life as lisboeta.

First was Éric Cantona, later the Italian Monica Belucci or even our Nacho Cano but nobody, absolutely nobody, has revolutionized both Lisbon and the American singer. Few conversations happen these days between Lisbon people in which Madonna is not mentioned in one way or another and is that nobility forces: she is the Queen (of Pop).


And the Queen finally found her palace. After weeks living in one of the best hotels in the capital, the Pestana Palace, Madonna rented the Palácio Ramalhete for one year with purchase option. According to her relatives, the singer wants to be sure that she and her family adapt to life in Lisbon before acquiring the palace and transform it into your definitive residence.

We enter one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of the capital, Limpet, a favorite of the Lisbon bourgeoisie where many of the foreign embassies have their headquarters, a small oasis in the middle of the city outside the tourist hordes.

In the Rua das Janelas Verdes, we found the Palácio Ramalhete, a 17th-century manor house that belonged to one of the most illustrious Portuguese families such as Dukes of Palmela.

“Madonna didn't want something pretentious. I was looking for all the charming Portuguese", someone tells us very close to the current owners of the Ramalhete (two Dutch people currently focused on a new hotel project in Sintra).

Profusion of tiles, handmade stucco ceilings and three wonderful outdoor patios (one of them with a heated pool) convinced the singer to move here with four of her six children, David, Mercy and the Stella and Estere twins.

Of course, the tile had to be present in Palácio Ramalhete © Palácio Ramalhete

The Palácio has twelve rooms, some with river views. Our confidant dares to bet that the pop diva would have chosen the call Oak suite like your room: an impressive room with stucco ceilings, antique tile bathroom and a nice view over the Tagus river.

In any case, if Madonna stayed permanently in the Ramalhete, she already expressed her intention to carry out certain reforms in the building, especially to adapt it to the needs of her children.

The Oak suite at Palácio de Ramalhete © D.R.


We are sure that an important part of Madonna's new house is the wide common spaces of the palace (formerly used for gala dinners and receptions to which the Duke of Windsor came to be invited).

The singer is not seen too much at night Lisbon but we know that she organizes frequently small events at home in which music, could not be otherwise, is the protagonist.

The diva, in his statements to the magazine VejaHe already talked about his fascination with music in Portugal: “The amount of good musicians I listen to in Portugal is extraordinary. I hope to work with them in shows more intimate. ”

Detail of Palácio Ramalhete © Palácio de Ramalhete

But if one type of music has captivated Madonna that is, without a doubt, Fado, the most Portuguese of music. It has been seen several times in Luso coffee, a fado house founded in 1937, in full Bairro Alto.

There he goes to listen to what she calls the legendary (legend) that is none other than Celeste Rodrigues, the sister of who sang like no one Portuguese saudade, Amália Rodrigues. Celeste, 94, traveled to New York with a small group of Portuguese and Brazilian singers, invited by Madonna, to celebrate the entry of the new year. Next record on the horizon?

Detail of Palácio Ramalhete © Palácio de Ramalhete


We would like everyone who lives in Lisbon to run into Madonna from time to time in a restaurant or having a drink but the truth is that, to our misfortune, The Queen of Pop leads a rather discreet life.

Popular rumorology pointed to the Don Quitéria as one of the singer's favorite restaurants, something that the restaurant itself was responsible for denying humor in its social networks. The only restaurant where Madonna has been seen (while still planning to move to the Portuguese country) was the Solar dos Nunes, in Alcântara.

More than going to restaurants, Madonna prefers riding on the wonderful beaches of Comporta and he does it by the hand of Jose Ribeira the charismatic founder of Cavalos na Areia who surely will have made Madonna discover the untamed nature that seduced him more than 8 years ago when he decided to leave everything and settle in this magical place.

And, of course, Madonna does not miss the parties of her offspring, David Banda, who plays in the Benfica children's team defending the embodied shirt. The meetings in the Reboleira Stadium Never before have they been so exciting and glamorous. And it is not every day that a Queen goes to this stadium.


The recent activity of the diva in the networks has filled the restlessness of the alfacinhas eager to have Madonna as their ambassador for much longer. And is that the latest publications of the singer on her Instagram, complaining (yes, with humor) that she is alone in Lisbon, or the slowness of the Portuguese bureaucracy (I could not agree more) betrayed a Negative mood by the singer. “They say they get bored in Lisbon,” “it doesn't last a year here,” are the unflattering comments heard these days in the Portuguese capital.

But we're sure, like us, Madonna, will end up falling to the decadent beauty of Lisbon. From here we volunteer to show you its enigmatic recesses, its viewpoints of orgasmic views, and all its secrets to the rhythm of 'Material Girl' or 'Like a Virgin'.

See 14 photos

Getaways a step away from Lisbon: we want MORE Portugal

Video: Madonna 'moves her family into Lisbon palace' (March 2020).

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