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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Nostalgia for London inspired the embroidery of this artist

They will make you want to eat (literally) your Instagram

Do you fancy an English breakfast? © Chloe Amy Avery

If you have traveled to London or England Surely you will remember the food you tried, its supermarkets full of addictive products and his packaging so striking and recognizable no matter how far you are from there. It happens as with the american foodthat sometimes we earn more for their packaging than for what is inside.

That universe that we created based on movies and 80s and 90s series, which makes us feel part of a generation who loved hamburgers in a box, the chips with ketchup extra, and that he spent hours chewing bubbaloos. A universe that has captured the artist's needle Chloe Amy Avery, born in London and nostalgic for your city and country when he went to travel the world and settled in Amsterdam.

“When I lived in Amsterdam for a couple of years I missed people, family and friends. The next thing I missed were the food brands and their packaging. I realized that much of our culture and identity is linked to food and that each one has different stories in this regard, ”he tells Traveler.es.

Tunnocks tea cake, a popular candy from the United Kingdom. © Chloe Amy Avery

Now, from London, this work continues but remember how it was difficult to find those foods that he so longed for in his land in the supermarkets. Maybe if I could translate them into a cloth, they would accompany her forever and that's how she started embroider.

“I have always been creative. My mother taught me and inspired my love for work with fabrics and embroidery. I studied in the London College of Fashion, where I learned the basics in embroidery and printing, ”he says.

What's in the nostalgia from Chloe? Coca cola, hamburgers, french fries, a typical English breakfast, Dip Dab candies, Fizzers (those pill-shaped candies), hot dogsof course ice cream and Bubbly Bubble gum.

Ah! do not forget the fruits, so that later they say that the English eat badly. In their embroideries we will see a feast of strawberries, bananas and apples ... although, of course, the latter of caramel. And all this embodied in clothes, pictures and badges that she defines as hyperrealistic style.

“I invite the viewer to remember and participate in a family memory like mine. I want my work to do smile at people and talk about how food unites people, ”he says.

Now settled in London, with his children, he begins to miss the city of Amsterdam, because it means "it has become part of what it is today"; so you may not have to wait long to see some embroidery of the dutch city in its Instagram account. Meanwhile we can continue enjoying the British nostalgia.

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