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Editor'S Choice - 2020

He had breakfast here ... the Marquis de Sade

You always travel with an excuse, even if we don't know until we have returned home. A wooden cupboard with glass doors, a sadistic home or a white bathtub are unbeatable arguments for choosing a hotel. Or maybe it is the hotel that chooses us.

It was a December night. It was about to snow and we needed a hotel. In Mazan, a town in southern France without a soul in the streets, there was no one to ask.

And there, on a dead end street, was the plaque. Few things I like more than a plaque on the facade of a house that says: "He lived here ...". And in Le Château de Mazan he had lived the Marquis de Sade. “Do you have free rooms?” I asked. And they had.

It was a December night. It was about to snow and needed a bath. Few things I like more than a bathtub and there was an exempt one, white, with its four legs resting on the floor. It was the bathtub that is expected in a house of the swinger puppy from a French family of landowners.

But the best was yet to come. It happened in the morning, going down the stairs (if the stairs talked) to go to breakfast.

I was there the most beautiful breakfast room one can dream of, in the event that one dreams of breakfast rooms. There were cupboards with crockery, books, memories of the most sadistic family in history, candles, sideboards, mirrors of different sizes.

It was adorned with fresh flowers and plants dotted with lanterns and candles, with that conscious French neglect. The room was bright and cheerful as nobody expected in a mansion of 1720, one of the many of the Marquis de Sade. People ate breakfast more or less oblivious to that waste of beauty. I ate croissants with butter, on the edge of Stendhal syndrome.

A day that starts in a breakfast room like this can only get worse. I have recently returned to the Château de Mazan, a summer afternoon. I wanted to share it with dear people. The cupboards were still there. I got the feeling that my eye was winking sadistically.

Le Château de Mazan - Place de Napoleon - 84380 MAZAN - Tel.: +33 (0) 490696261. Info: [email protected]

Eat croissants with Stendhal syndrome © Le Château de Mazan

Sade lived here © Le Château de Mazan

Also: swimming pool © Le Château de Mazan

And terrace © Le Château de Mazan

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