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How to behave on New Year's Eve

So that the new year looks as little as possible to the previous one, the only thing we can think of is that you travel far to celebrate it or you are wrong about home and dine with some nice strangers. In every place in the world they celebrate it in a way, but they celebrate it every year the same, so don't repeat. Celebrate in moderation, we have looked at it and the stomach wash does not seem to be a rite of renewal valid anywhere in the world.

At home. Peel the grapes, remove the tito and eat them all before the last bell rings. Put on red panties, wear new clothes, throw the gold ring into the cellar. Toast with the left hand and looking into the eyes. Never with water. Be surprised with Fofito that things are going badly when we have done everything that well.

In the village. Go out to the street, look at the same old faces and become aware as never before that the new year looks suspiciously like the previous one and that this is a new beginning is fiction. Discuss with the neighbors that the frosts of before do not fall, that is a tradition.

In the cotillion. The open bar was invented in Rome, in orgies. The theory here is that it will always be better to finish on the floors and / or in the arms of an orc with a tie than to feel in the morning that you have wasted the investment in time and money of the little dress, the hairdresser, the dinner and the cotillion.

In Times Square There are a million tourists celebrating it at the same time and when they say twelve they will kiss. It would be bad luck for your wife or one of your people to touch you.

In the Puerta del Sol. Live the hazing of celebrating the new year in what seems like an endearing Easter tradition and discover around you a mixture of bottle racks, patibular types and, in general, people who hate Christmas and therefore have not stayed at home.

In China. In South Africa they celebrate a second new year on January 2 and we extend the holidays until the day of Kings. But in China they beat us and start the year in a month. Soon they will have learned to copy us how the holidays are lengthened by taking a mosquito around here, a vacation day there and one of their own affairs there and the world will be a better place.

In the Canary Islands. If you spend New Year's Eve in the Canary Islands, everyone will call you at eleven and the spoilers will rain.

In Italy. They say that in some places they made a reverse Ikea and dismantled the furniture with the system of throwing them through the windows. Going out there that day could not be more dangerous than doing it in Spain, where firecrackers of anti-aircraft caliber fall from all the windows. One year I was caught at twelve away from home and it has been the closest I've ever been to war reporting. Try it to start the year with adrenaline butt.

If you have had a bad year. Go to Tonga and you'll finish it before anyone else. It is the typical place where they dismiss the year thirteen hours before us, the first of all. You take the plane back as soon as it is finished and you have it done.

With a few extra pounds. In the Philippines, people spend New Year's Eve surrounded by round objects that represent coins and wealth. It is the ideal place to spend New Year's Eve if you have eaten more this Christmas and want to end the year with many friends and high self-esteem instead of with a lot of depressing diet purposes.

In Puerto Rico. They hit 12 shots in the air to the sound of the chimes. It is time to settle accounts with the neighbor above who moves furniture and dances the chachachá the rest of the year.

In London. People, in Trafalgar, Piccadilly and lots of places, put their hands together and sing the traditional song "Auld Lang Syne" As we do not know and for one thing, we Spaniards usually try Mecano and almost nobody notices the difference.

In Romania Married girls go to a well with a candle and look on the surface of the water for the reflection of their future husband's face. The usual thing is that they get frog.

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