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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Madrid galleries of posture without postureo

If art were a seasonal product, it would be grown in September to be harvested in February. Every year, the national artistic community holds its breath, its gala dress is sheathed - some with the corset more and more tight - and can be seen in the corridors of large areas of the city of Antonio López. We are in full celebration of the big week of contemporary art. Three events mark the cultural agendas of February in Madrid. But what is beyond ARCO, Just Mad and Art Madrid? We make a selection of some of the capital galleries that are breaking molds.

The picture of each year: a sea of ​​the faithful calls into question the sovereignty of the thirties ARC and the potential harmony with the guest country (this year Turkey promises). Meanwhile, many others realize their Diving in the basement of the Hotel Silken Puerta América, strolling through Just Madrid which, in its fourth edition, is already full of compliments and suitors. But there is more: the third date in discord, the benjamina Art Madrid reached 40,000 visitors in 2012. In its eighth year, it promises a careful collection of national contemporary art, distributed in the 39 attic galleries of the Chamartín Station.
Whatever your choice, We recommend you to get out of the pot and go outside (or the vastness of the network) to find Treasures of new wedge. Galleries that have decided to leave the usual circuit to respond to an audience thirsty for new sensibilities and large doses of courage as a creative tool. If this month is something like the vergel of contemporary capital art, In these young galleries it is February all year long:
The art that wanted to be democratic ... and it was. With this premise, what they say is the first online graphic art gallery. In its virtual space, we can acquire works by illustrators, graffiti artists and plastic artists such as Santiago Morilla, the Boamistura collective, Silvia Prada, Ricardo Cavolo, Iván Solbes, Uriginal or Littleisdrawing that are sold in screen-printed format, in photogravure, engraving or collage.
Sometimes, they are launched into physical spaces ("art is to be seen and enjoyed 20 centimeters from your pupil"). Like this Friday, February 15, when they inaugurate #somosgunter, in Doctor Fourquet, 18. But what factor democratizes the work? Effectively the price. And it is in this plot where Gunter Gallery is declared the winner. Unique and affordable parts with the same standards as in a physical gallery. In front, Amalio, Marta and Mario coincide in three maxims: art is no longer part of the great fortunes, the new generation of national artists enjoys talent and, in addition, knows how to take risks and, finally, the acquisition of a work of art pursues an unquestionable end, to make us a little happier.

Nick Cave, from Little Is Drawing © Gunter Gallery

The studio - gallery celebrates one year in one of the most bohemian neighborhoods per square meter of the city (San Hermenegildo, 28). Supported by art, design and communication professionals, you risk with new disciplines linked to avant-garde art developed by artists such as José Luis Serzo, Marina Nuñez, Samuel Salcedo, Oscar Seco, Enrique Marty or Gonzalo Rueda. Since January 17, it hosts the second part of the collective exhibition A rare visitor that, under the supervision of Commissioner Blinky R. Rodríguez, inquires into the call 'plot art': embraces concepts such as science fiction, terror and the fantastic. You have until March 8 to soak up your bizarre aesthetic. The exhibition will conclude with the edition of a fanzine that will illustrate the life of this rare visitor.

Soak up the bizarre aesthetic © Twin Studio & Gallery

'The secret Twin Gallery' © Twin Studio & Gallery

The 60 square meters of the Malaysian gallery (Valverde, 30) have recreated the worlds of, among others, Juan Saliquet, Alfredo Rodriguez, Elena Alonso, Ceesepe, Luis Úrculo, Ricardo Cavolo (again), Eames Demetrios, María Blanco Cobaleda, Shu Kubo and Pablo Padilla Jargstorf. Since February 9, the universe of Madrid artist Luis Asín, formed in the United States, is exhibited in the exhibition Outcome.
Space accumulates years of impeccable reputation: variety, quality, independence and versatility. Count on a bookshop and a cozy patio, absolute claim during the openings and stage of concerts, summer movies and gatherings. Its directors, Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart and Asela Pérez they have won the neighbors of the Madrid modernity neighborhood. Maybe because, beyond the exhibition program, your facet of artistic agitators it nourishes with several performances outdoors (in Madrid, Segovia and Soria). And they can boast having looked like palm hearts at international fairs such as HotArtin Basel Cutlog, in Paris. This year, they repeat in Just Madrid.

Variety, quality, independence and versatility © Espacio Valverde

In October 2011, in front of the unbeatable Ivorypress Art + Books, two diaphanous floors were opened to the public, naked to a small alley. At the head of the project, a cast of art teachers, artists and scholars willing to tear down false myths. First, the galleries can leave the 'star' neighborhoods without diminishing quality (or popularity). The second, bet on talent, beyond the materials, techniques or objects used in the creative process. Do not stop. In less than two years, they have been present at the national leading fairs (Mulafest, Arte Santander and, this week, in Just Madrid).
They accommodate short exhibitions (both monographic and collective), presentations of books, fanzines, conferences, theme nights ... Their list of artists includes Vanguard underground and a brave proposal in new formats, either Laramascoto, Yes, Sandra Paula Fernández, Bonus-Extra, Estefanía Martín, Juan Luis Cerrajero, Chefer or Luis Pérez Calvo.

Underground Vanguard and new formats © Galería Liebre

It was in September 2005, when this space in Chueca (Pelayo, 48) greeted a neighborhood that was already well-off and sensitive to art. To date, 120 artists have passed through its theaters: young promises like Aitor Saraiba, Ricardo Cavolo, Cristina Busto, Julio Falagan, Lidia Toga or Berta Salinas and safe bets such as Isabel Muñoz, Jose Manuel Ballester, Luis Úrculo or Oscar Mariné. They bet on young art, understood as a clean look of reality, where the freshness and spontaneity be part of the artist's sensitivity, the irony represent an instrument of ingenuity and experimentation is a reflection of what happens in the streets. His exhibitions, more friends of the collective, last in time, a trend that takes hold among the new.
However, 'The little room in the background' It is designed for monographs of artists with comprehensive mixed media projects. Highly recommended your Author's corner.

Freshness and spontaneity © Mad Is Mad

It appeared in the center of the capital (Gran Vía 26, 6º right) last spring. As a gallery and as an instigating platform of new trends, Watdafac is inclined to unique techniques and unpublished supports, more related to street art than to brave study works; in addition to promoting the culture of "do it yourself".
It houses a store, accommodates artistic events of all conditions, workshops and exhibitions; and assume a hipster nature with clear influences of punk, the world of illustration and comic, pop, and Art Brut. The creations of Claire Duport, Jose Punzón or Jon Boam They have been seen on their walls. Until March 7, the works of flag bearers of the New York scene look: Heather Benjamin and Alexander Heir in 'Die a sad death'.
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Alexander Heir in 'Die a sad death' © Watdafac Gallery

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