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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Ode to the chair in the best restaurants in the world

The importance of 'Eat well sitting'.

Dos Cielos, the Torres brothers restaurant in Madrid © Dos Cielos

Pure design issue. The relationship between the way of sitting and the food is so obvious that most of the time we don't even notice it.

Or rather, we only pay attention When the chair is not as comfortable as it should, which makes us not fully enjoy a meal.

'Eat well sitting', a pairing of design and gastronomy © Planeta Gastro

That's what the book is about Eat Well Sitting, published by Gastro Planet and presented in the framework of Madrid Design Festival, in which some of the best restaurants in the world are related to their chairs, armchairs and stools.

Pure design issue. © Planet Gastro

“There is a parallel between design and gastronomy. No chef opens a restaurant today without taking into account the decoration, and offering a high-level dining experience requires paying attention to all the details, which are many, but There are two things that cannot fail: the dish has to be succulent and the chair comfortable. ”

This is how the new edition of the book starts Comit well sitting, a design and gastronomy pairing based on a selection of 51 restaurants chosen by the Valencian chair manufacturer Andreu World, responsible for the design of this fundamental piece of furniture in some of the best restaurants in the world.

“There is a parallel between design and gastronomy" © Dos Cielos

The idea of ​​this pairing is the less original, the more considering that The chair is far from a recent invention.

There is evidence of it since the time of Ancient Egypt; the Romans made it a symbol of distinction and classes with the curul chair, reserved only for consuls and important personalities.

In the Middle Ages the usual thing was to use benches and stools, because the chairs were too expensive for the poorer classes - which were the majority; and it wasn't until late nineteenth when it became a common element of European homes.

The chair continues to make a difference, even speaking in gastronomic terms © Dos Cielos

But the chair keeps making a difference, even speaking in gastronomic terms.

Because it is not the same to sit down to eat a quick burger or some layered tapas at the bar, which A twelve-step tasting menu.

“Sometimes the menus are long, we talk about about four or five hours sitting, plus the desktop ”, aim Sergio, one of the two Torres brothers, confirming that comfort is key to fully enjoy the food.

Both his Two Skies of Madrid like your new restaurant in Barcelona, Torres Brothers Kitchen, They appear in the book with 49 more addresses.

Between them Rafa Soler's Audrey's in Calpe; Glass Mar by Ángel León or Cebo, by Aurelio Morales, both in Madrid; or Jaleo, by José Andrés, In Las Vegas.

And if they are in this book it is because all have some of the chair models of the Spanish manufacturer Andreu World.

“For us, who make chairs, comfort is fundamental ”, says Jesús Linares, the general director of Andreu World.

“There are times when design is confused with aesthetics, but for us The key is that they are comfortable. They have to fulfill a practical function. ”

And considering that, after almost 65 years of experience, they already export more than 80 percent of their production, "We are looking for a world-class product, which is valid for Tokyo but also for Berlin and America", attending to factors such as "the different ergonomics, the average height, the widths and of course the trend and the style".

Bar or table? What do you prefer? © Andreu World

Anyways, "Making seats that are comfortable is part of our DNA," holds.

If we add to this the fact that making beautiful books is in that of Gastro planet, The specialized gastronomy label of the Planeta group, the result is this editorial marvel.

“We have gone from making photo-recipe books to most vivid books ”, says David Figueras, director of Gastro Planet.

"At a time when it doesn't sell so much anymore, we have opted for quality, making books to read, making beautiful books. ” And wow it is.

It is illustrated by Antonio Solaz and written by the gastronomic journalist Álvaro Castro.

The exhibition that accompanied the presentation of the book © Andreu World

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