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Chicago Street Art Dictionary

The city of the wind is an open-air museum (and free) that includes works by Picasso, Calder and Kapoor.

Chicago Cultural Center with the Millennium Park in the background. © Getty Images

Chicago is a city of art. In fact, it is an open-air museum, with works by Great contemporary creators. That they are in the middle of the street means a very interesting thing: admiring them is free.

Let's start this route from the door of the impressive Chicago Art Institute. It is one of the most impressive museums in the United States, with a permanent collection of 300,000 works. Since we are in a rat plan, we assure you that you can download the image of many of his paintings through his website.

Sometimes the lions of the Chicago Art Institute appear customized with boldness. © Getty Images


A few meters from the modern wing of the museum is Crown Fountain, an interactive installation that is pure brand Spain. The work of this Barcelona artist It is designed for the pedestrian to interact with her. It consists of two 15-meter towers that, like giant screens, show the faces of some of the city's neighbors. It also drops water with which, in the months of good weather, it is impossible not to soak. Or rest by your side.

In the works of Plensa, the human experience is imposed on the rest of the elements © Getty Images


Millenium Park is a short but intense park. In addition to housing the Plensa fountain, it is also home to one of Chicago's best known spots. With Cloud Gate, which looks like mercury drop, The famous sculptor breaks all possible forms and perspectives. The reflection of the skyscrapers of Michigan Avenue and Randolph Street on their metal surface gives for more than one photographic experiment.

You will not get tired of taking pictures of the Cloud Gate sculpture (also affectionately called Bean). © Getty Images


The Pritzker Pavilion, also in the Millenium Park, It is one of the vivacious works of the Canadian architect. In addition, it works as an outdoor amphitheater and it is worth browsing through its programming. For example, it hosts free concerts of the Grant Park Music Festival and film sessions every summer to watch a movie under the stars.

Pritzker Pavilion: an amphitheater of the 21st century. © Getty Images


Walking along the hectic Randolph Street we enter the Loop, the city's financial district. It is essential to travel on the L Train, the elevated subway in allows you to travel between skyscrapers (and incidentally feel a little Spiderman). Coming down from Clark / Lake Station is the original black and white sculpture Monument with Standing Beast, quite abstractly that is not everyone's taste ...

Monument with Standing Beast does not leave the passerby indifferent. © Alamy


On one side and another of Daley Square, almost face to face, as if nothing, are the monumental works of two Spanish geniuses. Picasso's cubism impresses even more to size XL. The people of Chicago have a hard time deciphering whether the 50-meter figure is human or animal, so She is nicknamed The Picasso since she arrived there in the 60s.

Years later he came to keep him company Miró's sculpture, which also has a nickname: Miss Chicago. When the offices of the area turn off their lights at dusk, the theaters illuminate the streets and do not allow the neighborhood to fall into boredom, such as the Nederlander, the Cadillac Palace or the Chicago Theater, whose poster is another magnet for photo cameras .

The Chicago Picasso is known as The Picasso, dry. © Getty Images


We continue southbound from the Loop to find the Four Seasons, a large mosaic that collects the childhood memories of the artist. Its color and its forms, of fish, birds and flowers, contrast with the skyscrapers of First National Plaza, where it is located.

Marc Chagall's style is personal and unclassifiable. © Alamy


Flamingo is a virtually unpublished version of Calder, The artist known for his mobile sculptures. Fortunately, its explosion of red fills the Federal Plaza with life. It seems that at any moment that strange being is going to start. It is surrounded by the purity of Mies Van der Rohe architecture lines, Author of several of the buildings in the square, such as the post office, which give even more luster to one of the world capitals of architecture. They are government buildings from the 60s and 70s, but what a stupor ...

'Calder red', thus the red color invented by the artist for this sculpture is known. © Getty Images


Who visits this area of ​​Chicago can not stop approaching the Union Station, with those endless stairs in which Kevin Costner shot one of the mythical scenes of The Untouchables of Elliot Ness. Without the fame of the film, the visit to this spectacular train station would also be more than justified. Something further north, at 660 West Madison Street, one is Batcolumn, designed by the American sculptor and shaped like a baseball bat 31 meters high.

Popular objects converted with humor into works of art, that is Claes Oldenburg. © Alamy


After saving a lot of money visiting the works of these ten artists, perhaps we can invest something in art by visiting the Driehaus Museum (between 10 and 20 dollars). It is a hidden gem enclosed in a historic building, in a central neighborhood of the city called Magnificient Mile, full of shops and restaurants of all kinds.

The museum in question is the Disneyland of decorative arts. Its stained glass windows, its exquisite 19th and 20th century furniture and the architecture of the mansion take you to the Golden Age of the history of the United States.

And it would be a crime to leave the city without walking in front of the homes created by Frank Lloyd Wright in the residential neighborhood of Oak Park. Something far from the center, there is the architect's house-studio (between $ 15 and $ 18), which links his life and his work as few museums thanks to all his visits being guided.

Frank Lloyd Wright's house-studio © Alamy

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