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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The hotel in which London was a party

At South Place Hotel you will go for its location and rooms and stay for its bars and its Michelin-starred restaurant

One of the events held at the Secret Garden of the South Place Hotel, in London. © South Place Hotel

There are hotels to go to sleep and others to which you go to sleep and you end up eating and drinking in the company of the most stylish places in the city.

The latter case is that of the South Place Hotel, located north of the City of London, at the gates of the lively Shoreditch neighborhood, at the crossroads of the financial district and the vibrant East End.

Surely, when making your reservation, you will look at its perfect location, next to the distinguished area of ​​Moorgate -in which the churches embrace in Catholic marriage with the towers of buildings of the business companies- and very close to the Liverpool Street station, one of the main communication hubs of the city with the east of the country and via link to Stansted airport.

Bathroom of one of the rooms of the South Place Hotel, in London. © South Place Hotel


The decoration will also be another determining factor when choosing this hotel and not another.

Designed by Conran + Partners, the study claims to have inspired by the prolific artistic scene of east London to shape the common spaces and the 80 exclusive rooms. So much that they refer to him as the "summary of the London creative scene."

They worked hand in hand with local artists and artisans of the 21st century to devise an art boutique hotel "full of intrigue, fun and innovative craftsmanship".

There are photographs, collages and sculptures, lattices that mimic the scales of the butterfly's wings and such careful lighting that includes two large contemporary chandeliers for the ground floor. The one that is suspended over the heads at the reception is a kind of wind chime formed by metal planes.

For their part, the rooms are sober, but with a lot of 'art'. Textiles in gray tones fill with the hanging lamps of fabric, the pictures combined with the creative spirit of the area and the bathrooms are a declaration of intentions of the love of Conran + Partners for the noble materials. It will not be we who will criticize the abuse of black marble and slate in these double rain showers.

One of the 80 rooms of the South Place Hotel, in London. © South Place Hotel

And if you still want a much more original bathroom, those who leave social networks shaking with hundreds of likes and comments, do not hesitate to book Suite 6108, with attention !: a transparent bathtub


They count in the circles foodies from La City that chef Gary Foulkes of the Angler restaurant, inside the South Place Hotel, is working hard to get a second Michelin star.

And is that since he arrived in 2016 to the domains of this kitchen he has shown not to be intimidated First of all: he not only managed to keep the star, but also did it by giving the dishes a personal acclaim acclaimed and adored by fans.

Seasonal ingredients make up your seasonal menus and don't hesitate to raise fish dishes to gastronomic altars, with recipes like wild sea bass cured with gazpacho vinaigrette, tomato and avocado or wild turbot with Japanese mushrooms, buckwheat noodles and dashi broth of bonito.

Special mention deserves your dessert menu, with creations as suggestive as apricots poached with chamomile cream, honey of 1,000 flowers and cookies amaretti or the I suffered raspberry English, with lemon verbena ice cream, biscotti and raspberry leaf. You can also finish lunch or dinner with a successful selection of British cheeses.

In addition to the incredible room, with an excellent wine cellar with European and American wines, Angler has a semi-preserved space, with capacity for 14 people and views of the kitchen and the skyline Londoner as well as with a pleasant outdoor terrace with one of the most sought-after bars in the capital.

Terrace of the Michelin-star Angler restaurant at the South Place Hotel in London. © South Place Hotel


Quiet, in the Chop House of the South Place Hotel, women are welcome, because the other restaurant of the hotel has only maintained the best British traditions of these places for men born in the 18th century, where quality meat was simply cooked and drank nonstop, while businesses were closing at their tables, always watered with good beer and wine.

Here it is stylish to take brunch on weekends, but any day will be good to accompany craft beers - in a lively social environment - with a fish & chips Breaded in Schiehallion beer with crushed peas and tartar sauce or with homemade sausages with creamy potatoes and caramelized onions.

Uncomplicated British cuisine at the Chop House of the South Place Hotel in London. © South Place Hotel


Here the bars are not a decorative complement to the hotel (however ideal), but one of its reasons for being. They are the meeting point of people with city style and the best place to take the social pulse of London.

Le Chifre (which owes its name to the elegant original villain of the Bond saga) is animated as the hours go by (open until midnight) and 3 Bar is known for its artisan cocktails and coveted for its more than 40 gin labels that include it in the Gin Palaces circuit (old stores also called dram shops where gin was sold for its medicinal properties) of the neighborhood, in the purest Victorian style.

And finally, the jewel in the crown, Secret Garden, a tropical oasis with palm trees and retractable roof in case the bad weather forces to be protected. A space in which it is usual that events are held and that, at present, is set with the colors and flavors of Acapulco, thanks to an association with the Cointreau brand.

Secret Garden, in South Place Hotel, set for an event. © South Place Hotel

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