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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Cocol, the shop of objects of desire for your home

Ceramics, wicker, cotton, esparto, wool ... an ode to the most traditional craftsmanship in the heart of Latina.

The art of everyday life © Cocol

Located in Madrid Straw Square, Cocol it draws attention from afar (its blue facade betrays it) and from near (its showcase is like a powerful magnet that it stops everyone who passes by).

Entering Cocol is like cross the threshold of a time machine. Its atmosphere gives off an aroma in which notes of leather, wicker, soap, wax, mud and wool.

On the walls are still the nails of the old upholstery that occupied the premises, whose soil has also wanted to keep its owner, Pepa trains.

“Wenceslas Tapestries was called, the owner had been here all his life and lived in the back. I had long been thinking about opening a space to accommodate craft objects and when I saw that it was rented I said to myself: it is the moment ”, Pepa tells Traveler.es

The most flirtatious door of the Plaza de La Paja © Cocol


If Cocol is characterized by something, it is by Pepa's care in the selection of each of the items who live in his shop, whose shelves and counters he found in an old fabric shop on Atocha street.

"Is about lifelong handmade pieces and other elaborate reinterpreting traditional techniques and finishes ”, Pepa explains.

Hats, the perfect complement to stroll through La Latina © Cocol

Each and every one of them has a history, they have been made by artisans and give each room of the house a magical touch that is not possible to achieve with any object: A feeling of home.

That warmth that inspires a winter sunday under the comforter, a rainy afternoon with a cup of chocolate in your hands, or the smell that stays in the bathroom as soon as you shower.

An ode to crafts © Cocol


Grazalema blankets, cotton towels, handmade candles, blown glass, ceramic figures ... In Cocol want to touch everything.

Mud and ceramics are two of the star materials: from pieces of canary pottery to botijos brought from Alicante, Murcia or Galica.

In section esparto and wicker we find carrycot, carpets, animal heads, headgear and, of course, footwear, like the typical Menorcan covers.

"The pieces of esparto from Balikypopoy They are of my favorites. They are made by María and Silvia following the traditional process that María's grandfather followed, ”says Pepa.

Pepa Entrena, the owner, knows firsthand the history of each of the objects © Cocol

“Look at this wooden figure, we only have one left! They are made by a fisherman in the town where I spend the summer! exclaims Pepa.

And he continues to teach us: “Or our summer betseller: the fly swatter! It is made of wood and leather from Jatafarta, we sold them as churros! ”

We also found the emblematic Pots of enamels San Ignacio, old pharmacy bottles, blown glass, mortars, kitchen tables and all kinds of utensils that transport us to an era where everything went at another pace.

You'll want to take EVERYTHING © Cocol


In the textile section, a paradise for touch: Blankets and scarves of virgin wool, shawls and scarves woven in traditional looms, Elósegui berets, cushion covers limited edition Grande Monterrosa ...

Yak Merino wool, alpaca and wool sweaters Not only will they become your favorite winter garment, but they will last a lifetime.

Elósegui's berets, a classic © María Casbas

“One of our latest additions has been the Aprons, monkeys and accessories inspired by the clothing of trades, Apron, handmade, 100% cotton and hand dyed, ”Pepa tells Traveler.es

In summer, cotton towels and recycled bags of The FigBees They are the perfect complements for a beach day.

Winter is coming © Cocol


In a flirtatious piece of furniture next to the counter, rest A careful selection of handmade jewelry.

Our favorites? Asymmetric earrings Gertie Palm Tree and the ceramic camera-shaped pendants of Eugenia Bosca. The best self-gift? A hat of Signes Hats.

And if you're already thinking about the invisible friend or Christmas, We have some proposals:

A beret to be the most traditional of La Latina, a corduroy tie for Sunday food, notebooks and posters for stationery lovers, soaps of Hierbas de Ibiza for fans of natural products or a merino wool scarf so that the most fashionistas go warm.

What do we take home? © Cocol


One of the most surprising things about Pepa is his ability to turn everyday objects such as a cup, a knife or a scarf into unique treasures.

For example, the original notebooks with phrases on the cover, the knives that seem taken from the trunk of memories, Pallares Solsona's knives ...

The coolest fly swatter © Cocol

“We bet on responsible consumption, quality and artisanal work, so as not to lose those knowledge that with such love and effort have been transmitted from generation to generation, ”says Pepa with eyes full of enthusiasm.

They open every day of the week, because Sundays are the star day of La Latina. The public? "Tourists, curious, and, of course, neighborhood people", Pepa tells us.

"One day Wenceslao himself appeared to see what he had done with his upholstery! And he loved it! He exclaims.

The old Wenceslas upholstery is now Cocol © Cocol

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Costanilla de San Andrés, 18, 28005, Madrid


919 19 67 70


L - V: 11-30h - 14.30h / 17h - 20h; S: 11.30h - 18h / D: 11.30h - 17h

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