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The perfect sauna to disconnect in the middle of the forest is in Norway

Soria Moria Sauna is located in the Telemark Regional Park, less than four hours from Oslo

Perfection exists and is in Norway. © Soria Moria Sauna

There is no one who better understands rest, disconnection and harmonization of architecture in nature like the Norwegians. We already told you a few months ago how a bath had been integrated into a glacier landscape - the most beautiful in the world.

You agree, right? If not, you will change your mind when you see one of the great architectural projects of the country in 2018. Soria Moria Sauna is the best sauna - and most incredible - that you have been able to see in recent years.

The project has been carried out in 2018, and has recently opened its doors, although they have not yet established an entry price but they count from the design studio Feste, known for integrating buildings into nature, which will be affordable for everyone.

Soria Moria Sauna is on Telemark. © Soria Moria Sauna

Soria Moria Sauna It is part of a large design project that includes six subprojects that aim to publicize municipalities in Norway and demonstrate how architecture, lighting and art can be well integrated into the landscape.

Specifically, the sauna has been carried out by the Telemark Canal Regional Park, the municipality of Tokke, where the sauna is located, and the Hotel Dalen, a legendary hotel opened since 1894. From this same hotel is where the sauna will be managed, but will be available for both guests and external users.

Is it hard to get here? Not because Soria Moria Sauna is located in Dalen, at the end of the Telemark canal, approximately 160 km southwest of Oslo (about 3.5 hours by car), so it is really accessible by a getaway to Oslo.

“Dalen It is a place famous for the amazing walks in dramatic landscapes. The objective of the project was to design a sauna for hikers they had spent the day in the mountains and needed a comfortable place to rest, ”says David Fjågesund, architect of Feste, the studio that designed it.

This project ended this 2018. © Soria Moria Sauna


To build this wonder in the middle of Bandak Lake, the architects were inspired by a well-known Norwegian fairy tale about a large golden palace in the Norwegian mountains called Soria Moria.

"He Nordic design team I wanted the structure to be an architectural interpretation of the dramatic surrounding landscape (hence the silhouette), ”says David. Therefore, the material used has been the local pine wood with which the walls, ceilings and the walkway have worked, which also connects with the surrounding paths. Which is perfect for hikers.

The sauna, which has cost 5.5 million Norwegian crowns, has no specific treatments, only the sauna itself, dressing rooms and the possibility of giving you a relaxing swim in the lake with magical views.

Do you need a break here? © Soria Moria Sauna

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